Wagons Making A Comeback

Hold on to your hats kids ’cause we’re seeing a total retro trend hitting the auto market these days with wagons making a comeback.  We’re not talking about your grandad’s kinda wagon, we’re talking a millennial worthy kind of wagon.

2019 Avant

Coming off the huge, and somewhat surprising, success of the Mercedes-Benz E Class wagon and  the introduction of the new Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake and we can’t forget the Porsche Panamera Sport Tourismo, so its not surprising that the Audi team would want to have a hand in taking us back to the glory years of station wagons.  And they did not disappoint as they’ve introduced  the new Audi A6 Avant wagon with its slim and elegant design which you would not be scolded for thinking it was a sedan or even dare say a coupe, this is very much one wagon that won’t go unnoticed.  The Avant will come in a fully hybrid model with a engine that won’t kick into gas format unless the Avant is going over fifteen miles per hour and will have a 48 volt battery that will be able to recover just over ten kilowatts of energy when breaking and will provide the drive to run on off coasting with zero load when the wagon is running between 30 and 90 miles per hour.   One of the coolest features of the Audi A6 Avant is its new four wheel steering which basically lets the back wheels independently, or opposite, from the front wheels to a maximum of 5% – this will bring the turning radius down to just over three feet- and will work up to a maximum speed of thirty seven miles per hour after which the wheels will go back into synchronous step.  The Audi A6 Avant will also come with optional electric shock control, sport suspension and air springs.

The interior of the new Audi A6 Avant will see a split level dash design that’s an homage to its more classy days with a centre dash with multiple screens that measure out ten point one inches and eight point six that will handle climate control and the heads up display.  So that’s all the good news, the bad news now is that anyone in North America will only be able to wishfully watch the Audi A6 Avant hit the European highways as the Audi A6 Avant will not be brought over to our shores.  Well we can alway hope to rent one on our next European vacation.