5 Best Used Diesel Trucks

Diesel trucks are a symbol of prestige and power. All of them are massive, durable and expensive. In their case, fuel consumption is almost irrelevant. Almost every single diesel truck is 2-3 times more expensive than an average car. This may be an issue for most people, so used diesel trucks are the only solution. It may be difficult to find the best diesel truck simply because they are used for heavy-duty applications, so they have huge mileage. But, if you find one of the models that can withstand the most rigorous uses and high mileages, and still stay in perfect condition, you will make a wise investment. Now, we will reveal the best used diesel trucks that will definitely be the mentioned type of investment.

2014 Dodge Ram HD $30,000

2014 Dodge Ram HD; Best Diesel Truck

With 6.7 L inline engine, producing 370 HP and a towing capacity of 30.000 lbs., Ram HD is an impressive machine. The best part about this vehicle is the durability and it is definitely one of those trucks that literally can withstand anything. As the result, it is commonly known as one of the best used diesel trucks. This model is also available with double rear wheels and all-wheel drive.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD $22,000


Although this truck is similar to several other models, it has been highly rated and it comes with an amazing and powerful 6.6 L engine (V8). This engine will produce 397 HP, which made Silverado HD one of the most powerful diesel trucks in the class. A 6 speed transmission (automatic) makes it incredibly simple to drive. A towing capacity is 23.100, which is satisfactory.  We highly recommend a 2014 model, because it has been significantly upgraded compared to the previous version, so it is more durable and more practical. AWD is available, which makes this truck perfect for off road applications.

2010 Ford F-250 $10,500


The model in question has been produced between 2008 and 2010, but the last version is the best. The engine will reach 375 HP and it has a 6.4 L capacity. This is another Ford’s model that is popular among people who use it for the most demanding purposes. How good this model is, will tell you the fact it comes with better brakes and axels than the 2011 model! In any case, this is a preferable version than a 2011-2012 truck. The main reason why this truck is on the list is the engine. It is known as one of the most reliable diesel engines ever installed in a truck.

2004 Dodge Ram 3500 $15,000


Dodge Ram 3500, produced between 2003 and 2004 is particularly interesting as a used truck. The main element of it and the one that made it one of the best used diesel trucks is an engine. The next generation of it has common-rail injection system that is known for melting pistons, literally! The 2004 model has no this problem, but it is still powerful, durable and affordable.

2007 GMC 2500 HD $9,000


This is a heavy-duty truck, so don’t expect modern interior and cool gadgets. It has been designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding drivers and to be used in any condition. Buying an earlier model isn’t recommended due to cooling issues, especially while towing! On the other side, the 2007 model is highly recommended. The best part of this truck is the chassis. It is more durable than on other trucks and it can withstand rougher applications.


Pay attention when buying a diesel truck, due to the fact you don’t want to repair it as soon as you buy it. That’s why trey toughest and the most resilient diesel powered trucks are on the list. They can serve forever, and they won’t need to be repaired.