Toyota RAV4 Outsells Camry, Toyota Winning New Retail Sales

Toyota Motor Corporation has been steamrolling other car manufacturers lately, and the RAV4 is making a huge impact on sales. Aside from the top pickups, the RAV4 SUV has climbed its way to being the most popular vehicle this year. Toyota was able to beat Ford every month of the third quarter, due in part to a  sold more RAV4s than Camry midsize sedans. To add to its market success, Toyota is currently approaching retail sales leadership in the United States.

While total deliveries are certainly a big deal for any automaker, retail sales are the more important number. While an automaker’s deliveries account for discounted fleet sales to governments and business, retail sales are only about sales to individuals. Toyota is still 360,000 vehicles behind U.S. market leader General Motors in total sales, but only 105,000 units behind in retail sales. This was last updated in November, so it’s very possible that Toyota has closed the gap even more since then.

In the third quarter of this year, Toyota was able to take 15 percent market share. This was the first time the company has taken that much since back in 2009. That being said, Toyota will be releasing a report regarding their October 2017 sales on Wednesday. According to analysts, this is likely to be their biggest monthly sales gain of the year. It is very likely that their deliveries have risen about 4 percent during the past month.

Needless to say, Toyota is extremely happy with the results. From here on out, the company will have to keep a large focus on their RAV4 models. As consumers shift from sedans to crossovers and SUVs, car manufacturers must cater to the demand. Clearly, the RAV4 is winning over plenty of customers, so a continued effort to develop and sell crossovers is key for a successful fourth quarter for any automaker.