Top 10 The Best Sports Cars of 2017

In this top 10 the best sports cars list you will find 10 of the best sports cars which are released and available this year. These 10 sports cars are not only about performance, but they offer something different that regular sports cars can’t offer; here is the best sports cars list.

Top 10 Best Sports Cars

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG ($221,580)

Top Sports Cars

The first sport car on this list is the expensive but beautiful Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. Just from a single glance, you can feel the power and speed of this refined sports car; this Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is equipped with the 8 cylinder 6.2L engine which has 583 horsepower. Worthy of being called a supercar, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is only available for only select individuals due to its super high price.

Mazda MX5 Miata ($24,915)

2016 Mazda MX5 Miata

Who said that good sports car needs to be expensive? The Mazda MX5 Miata is the proof that you do not need to be expensive to be a good and reliable sports car. This new sports car from Mazda is available for super cheap, but this car is actually one of the sports cars with best gas mileage; 27 mpg city and 36 mpg highway. This car only has 155 horsepower but offers top class riding experience and is very easy to handle.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe ($117,200)

2016 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

The new BMW M6 Gran Coupe is not only about speed and power; this new coupe from BMW also offers comfort plus safety. The new version of this car has some redesigns made in order to increase its overall performance and some new features are added in. this car has 560 horsepower from its 8 cylinder 4.4L engine with 14 mpg city and 20 mpg highway. If there is something to complain, it’s probably the exterior body design which seems to lack impact.

Subaru BRZ ($25,395)

2016 Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ is another top class sports car that you can get cheap among current sports cars for sale; this 200 horsepower darling surely has the looks of a sports car. The design of this car looks way better than its price, but that is not the only thing that it can offer. The Subaru BRZ is a prove that speed and power is not everything, this sports car runs great even with 200 horsepower, it has great handling, easy steering, lightweights, cheap and fuel efficient; rated for 25 mpg city and 34 mpg highway.

Audi RS7 ($108,900)

2016 Audi RS7

Everything about the Audi RS7 is about aggressiveness, from the exterior body, the engine to its features. This new Audi RS7 is equipped with an 8 cylinder 4.0L twin turbo engine which is capable of 560 horsepower, to accommodate that enormous power, this car also equipped with various systems to allow it to accelerate super quick and is also equipped with big and aggressive brakes. Looking at the engine and power, 15 mpg city and 25 mpg highway is actually very good.

Cadillac CTS-V ($83,995)

2016 Cadillac CTS-V

For the new version, Cadillac has made several redesigns for its Cadillac CST-V sports car, now this new sports car looks more aggressive and menacing. This little beast cost a lot of money, but considering that this car has 640 horsepower under its disposal, it’s very well worth it; the engine used for this new sports car is 8 cylinder 6.2L engine. To control that tremendous amount of power, the Cadillac CST-V is also equipped with top class Brembo brake.

Mercedes Benz C-Class ($38,950)

2016 Mercedes Benz C-Class

Now, if you want your sports car to be able to do a lot of things, this versatile but cheap sports car from Mercedes Benz is recommended. The Mercedes Benz C-Class only has 4 cylinder 2.0L engine as its standard with 241 horsepower, but this car is specifically designed for comforts. The interior of this sports car is extremely comfortable due to the use of high quality materials. Apart from that, the Mercedes Benz C-Class is also pretty fuel efficient, with a rating of 25 mpg city and 34 mpg highway.

Chevy Corvette ($55,400)

2016 Chevy Corvette

One of the most beautiful looking sports cars of this year, the Chevy Corvette is not as expensive as the other, but this car is also a high performance sports car to look out for. The exterior body and the interior cabin are things to be proud of, but the performance rating of this car is unbelievable, a six cylinder 6.2L engine is used as standard and is capable of 455 horsepower, this car is able to reach 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds, and to top things out, this sports car has 17 mpg city and 29 mpg highway fuel efficiency rate.

Ford Shelby GT350 ($47,795)

2016 Ford Shelby GT350

The new Ford Shelby GT350; or is also popularly known as the Ford Mustang, is a sports car made for performance. As far as looks goes, this car does not look very different to the past model, but the Ford Shelby GT350 is better at performance category. This car is equipped with 300 horsepower 6 cylinder 3.7L engine, while it does not seems to be very big, this car runs and handles very well. Unfortunately, 17 mpg city and 28 mpg highway is mediocre rating for its fuel consumption.

Porsche Cayman ($52,600)

2016 Porsche Cayman

A beautiful piece of art to look at, but a beast on the road, that is the Porsche Cayman. The exterior body of this sports car from Porsche is just astonishingly great, although it might lack some camera features, this sports car run superbly on the road. The standard Porsche Cayman has 165 mph and is able to reach 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, the standard engine is 6 cylinder 2.7L engine with 213 horsepower. This car has respectable gas mileage rating of 22 mpg city and 32 mpg highway.

Those are top 10 the best sports cars that just released, as you can see, there are different varieties of sports cars available which excel in different categories.