Top 3 Safest Family SUVs

There is an ongoing trend for SUVs, no longer is a saloon or MPV the vehicle of choice for the growing family. In Europe, sales of SUVs and crossovers have risen dramatically and in 2016 accounted for 25% of all passenger vehicle sales.

Such an increase in demand is making many families turn towards an SUV for their next model, with plenty of fantastic new and used options on the market. You’ll want something safe and reliable especially when transporting young children, and these are three great models.

1. Subaru Outback

Subaru rightly has a fantastic reputation for reliability and the Outback is no different. Some of its latest models feature its own EyeSight technology, which includes two cameras in front of the rear-view mirror that scan the road ahead for vehicles and pedestrians. Subaru believe it to be the most advanced crash-prevention system on the market.

The Outback is a practical SUV, with plenty of head and legroom and a boot capacity of 2,000 litres when the rear bench is folded flat, though there are only five seats. It was awarded five stars in EuroNCAP’s crash tests and child occupant safety at a high 87%.

2. Ford Kuga

The second-generation Ford Kuga is packed full of kit to make it one of the safest SUVs on the market, from a sat-nav to cruise control. It also achieved a five-star rating from EuroNCAP, with standard equipment on all models including airbags from all sides, emergency brake warning and ABS.

As well as being safe it has a 456-litre boot, increased to 1,603 litres when the rear seats are folded down. What’s more it offers great drive quality along with a range of engines so there’s something to suit all drivers, whether you’re after one of the newest models or an affordable second-hand option through AA Cars.

3. Kia Niro

While the Kia Niro may not be the most fun vehicle you’ll ever get behind the wheel of, it is one of the safest SUVs (when bought with the optional safety pack). This includes everything from adaptive cruise control to blind spot monitoring, lane departure and forward-collision warning systems.

Hybrid models offer low emissions along with a decent real-world fuel economy. However, due to the battery space required in the boot, there’s only 373 litres of space available, so it can feel a little too compact for some families.

All three of these SUVs offer a safe way to travel with your family, whether your priorities are space, comfort or economy.