The 2020 Passat and Exercise in Mediocrity

You would think that this is an opportunity just waiting for the taking. With pretty much all major manufacturers bailing on the sedan car segment, the field is wide open to bring back those buyers that just, just might still want to not buy and SUV or a crossover.  So we pretty much thought the team at Volkswagen would have put a bit more effort into the new 2020 Passat, but instead it looks like its an exercise in mediocrity. What we are getting in the new 2020 VW Passat is pretty much the same as we’ve always seen for the last nine years.  Now don’t get us wrong, the Passat is still one of our favourite sedans of all time, but we’re kinda looking for more this time around.  The braintrust over at Volkswagen pretty much thought they could just give us some new lipstick and we’d be happy.   The new wrapping is nice and some of the interior bells and whistles are ok, but the bones are pretty much the same as they’ve always been.

What’s troubling in the whole new Passat thing is the lack of tech that the company thought it should throw at the 2020 version – it didn’t even include the base line infotainment system that coming standard with the Atlas, Jetta and Golf models.  Now it does some with an eight inch touch screen with the Android Auto Play and the Apple Car Play built in, but it still feels like its missing something here.

2019-2020 Vw Passat B9 Release Date – 2019 Cars Redesign

This whole thing kinda feels like the company said it should do something to the 2020 Passat, but just not do too much.  It looks like they didn’t want to fully commit to investing in the segment, just in case they decided that they, like the others, wanted to pull the plug and just walk away from the entire segment.  Again, you probably won’t go wrong in choosing the Passat, especially when you consider that you can probably get into a new one of these for under $25k.