Tesla Gets Geared Up

While the Tesla Motor company continues to ramp up its auto production capabilities to meet the overwhelming demand from consumers, it’s been quietly building up its ability to keep those cars on the road. The company is now pushing its Supercharger stations across major cities in the US and Europe to go along with the highway stations. The company announced that it is focused on major metropolitan, or high density, locations, so Boston and Chicago are the first ones to get the newly customized stations.

Tesla has redesigned these locations to better accommodate multiple vehicles, as well as make sure that there won’t be any downgrade in charging by having dedicated fast charge units with about 72 kilowatts per car. They have also looked at reducing the footprint for these stations so that they can blend into the urban environments that is needed to work with much less space because the company added that each vehicle should be able to take on a full charge in less than an hour. Oh, and don’t worry about not being able to find these stations because the company has already updated its software to be able to get you to these new stations without any hassle. Plus, the stations will be open 24hrs a day to make sure that you never run out of juice.