Silverado Will Bring The Beef

The General Motor’s Chevrolet brand will be looking to bring the beef in the next generation of the Chevy Silverado in the the 2020 edition.  The 2020 Chevy Silverado HD will launched on the heels of the introduction of the smaller 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500.

2020 Silverado HD

While the two Silverado’s will probably share some similarities, the bigger brother HD will be a beast of its own and won’t ever be confused with its smaller and less boxy little bro.  One of the most notable changes on the 2020 Silverado HD will be its front end grille, which will take on a more ominous and intimidating pose with its new chrome accents that will, as some rumours have it, replace the traditionally iconic Chevy ‘Bow Tie’ with the actual brand’s name CHEVROLET, just in case you were confused.  Other changes to the Silverado HD versus the Silverado 1500 are the positioning of the headlights which will give it a more flushed out look lower down on the front end.    While the General Motors and Chevrolet brass have not exactly  confirmed the actual specs on the vehicle it is widely anticipated that the Silverado HD will come with it traditional and standard V 8 gas engine and probably have the Duramax turbo diesel V 8, 6.6litre engine as an upgraded option.

Best guess at this early point would be that can expect the same kind of performance from the Duramax as you are probably seeing today which is capable of delivering roughly four hundred and fifty horse power, with around nine hundred pounds of torque per square foot while humming at approximately sixteen hundred revolutions per minute.  That combination will give the Chevy Silverado the ability to move around twenty three thousand pound of towing power at a minimum.  The company did not release any information on any plans to offer eco friendly versions of the truck its estimated that the base model will come in around $40k when it hits dealerships late in 2019.