Top 15 Safest SUVs for 2017

Feeling safe inside of your vehicle is always a must – especially when it comes to SUVs. They’re known for being some of the more “safety conscious” vehicles out there, and that’s a good reason as to why so many people prefer them over other options. We’re going to look at 15 different SUVs today that are incredibly safe – because you can’t exactly put a price on your well-being. If you want to make sure that you’re safe on the road, these are the safest SUV options to consider.

Top 15 Safest SUVs

1. Mazda CX-5

2016 Mazda CX-5

This specific model is the go-to safest SUV for anybody out there, and that’s because Mazda has kept it the leading SUV for seven or eight years in a row. Whenever you can stay at the top of the mountain, you’re going to be blessed with a lot of different accolades. This is an affordable SUV model that also happens to sport an extended amount of safety features. Many people choose to drive a Mazda because they aren’t too pricey, and they still offer up a decent amount of benefits to work with.

2. Land Rover Range Rover

Safest SUV

Range Rovers are always going to be considered one of the leading safest SUV models to pick from, but they’re going to cost you a pretty penny. This is one of those models that’s going to be tough to refuse, especially if you can easily afford it – most people pass on this option because it simply costs way too much money. If you wanted to feel as safe as you possibly can, but still maintain a classy vehicle, this would be one SUV that you should get serious about.

3. Volvo XC60

2016 Volvo XC60

Consumers love what this SUV has to offer, and why wouldn’t they? There are tons of different features to really appreciate, and the five-star crash test rating is a symbol of the safety it has to offer. Volvo is the type of company that doesn’t believe in charging too much for their products, and that’s pretty obvious here. They offer up their high-quality SUV model at an affordable price, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

4. Subaru Outback

2016 Subaru Outback

Versatile is a term that you’re going to hear a lot with this vehicle, especially since Subaru is known for trying to tackle multiple terrains with one SUV. One of the safest SUV options you could ever consider, it’s also relatively inexpensive. A lot of people don’t want to spend over $30,000 on their vehicle, as that’s a decent amount of money already; with the Subaru Outback, you really haven’t got much to worry about. They call it the “Outback” because it’s able to tackle an abundance of different roads, especially those rocky ones.

5. Mercedes-Benz M-Class

2015 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Rolling in style and safety has never looked this classy, I’ll tell you that much. Every single time you hear about a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you’re going to associate it with some sort of quality. This is a four-door SUV with five seats inside of it, and it’s considered a sport utility build. If you wanted to make an impression, but also make sure that your kids and valuable goods are accounted for safety-wise, this is the type of SUV you should be shooting for. Everybody has preferences, so just follow your own. It’s an automatic driving vehicle, and the 3.0L, six-cylinder engine is something to really get used to.

6. Mitsubishi Outlander

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

This is a vehicle that isn’t going to meet luxury standards, but it’s still going to be a relatively strong option for most people. You don’t need to break the bank in order to afford it, and the 360-degree air bag protection is one of the main reasons why it’s considered one of the safest SUVs. You can order this model in an abundance of different varieties, and one of the additional neat features that I really enjoyed was the “collision mitigation system” – it’s something that warns you if you’re about to get into a crash.

7. Lexus NX

2015 Lexus NX

When you’re looking to buy a Lexus, it’s obviously going to cost a little more than the other options available to you. This is a crossover that’s going to appeal towards a much broader audience, but it’s a matter of who can actually afford it (and who cannot). There are automatically dimming high beams to keep other drivers on the road safe, as well as a system that’s going to alert the driver when they’ve diverted from a lane. It’s high-tech stuff, but the price tag is something that can push people away most of the time; like I always say, it’s about preference. A Lexus isn’t going to be the most affordable option that you can choose from – trust me on that one – but it’s not out of the ballpark for everybody.

8. Subaru Forester

2015 Subaru Forester

This is a design that is rugged, but remains safe and controlled at all times. The crash safety numbers on this model are through the roof, and there’s even an automatic braking system in place if you’re travelling under 19 mph (miles per hour). It also has a system in place that will alert you whenever you’re drifting out of your lane. If you want a safe vehicle, but aim to keep things on the cheap side, this is the safest SUV for cheap that you’re going to find.

9. Honda CR-V

2015 Honda CR-V

We’re staying on the path of affordable options, and I say that for more than one reason. Obviously driving in luxury will be important to some people, but others won’t even have a need for anything luxurious. Thus, they’re only going to focus on getting the best bang for their buck – I know that’s how I’m trying to shop! If you can afford the luxury route, go for it; but the Honda CR-V is amazing for safety reasons. It comes equipped with front and side visibility that you can really get used to, and the rear-view camera is almost like an industry standard at this point (it also has amazing crash test ratings).

10. Toyota Highlander

2015 Toyota Highlander

Toyota is another one of those “affordable” brands, but it definitely doesn’t lack in quality. You’ll be paying a few thousand dollars more than you’re used to at this point, but the amount of safety you’ll experience with this vehicle is awesome. There are driver knee airbags included, but the blind spot monitoring system is really where things get going. There’s also a “Safety Connect” feature that allows you to quickly contact help if you need it; it’s always nice to be prepared.

11. Ford Flex

2015 Ford Flex

With the box-like stature of this vehicle, many people aren’t sure whether they’re down with the look or not. But it doesn’t matter how it looks, because the SUV itself is one of the safest options on the market right now. The low stance promotes balance, and blind spot mirrors make sure everything is on point. There are also rear parking sensors and even an emergency crash system alert feature.

12. Acura MDX

2015 Acura MDX

This is easily one of the safest SUVs I’ve ever seen, and I really do mean that – especially since it has essentially every single safety feature that you could possibly want from an SUV. It costs a little more than some of the other options I’ve listed, but the abundance of features is there; there’s even a system that will automatically steer your car into the right direction (if need be)! It’s intriguing and gives you all of the features a luxury SUV would include, without all of the costs.

13. Volvo XC60

2015 Volvo XC60

With its relatively fair price, you’re going to absolutely love this Volvo model. The safety options are really apparent: it’s loaded to the brim with air bags and there is a useful rear-view camera to keep your eyes as open as possible.

14. Subaru XV Crosstrek

2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek

With a five-star NTSA crash rating, it really doesn’t get any safer than this model. The purchase price is really something that a lot of people are fond of, and the fact that Subaru is well-known as the “safest brand around” is going to turn a few heads. It gets about 31 MPG (miles per gallon), which is fantastic for an SUV, so when you take into consideration that it’s built for budget and safety, it’s an easy sell.

15. KIA Sportage

2015 KIA Sportage

Like almost every other SUV we’ve looked at today, this model also sports a five-star NTSA crash test rating. What that means is it’s absolutely perfect for any type of collision – it’s essentially as good as it’s going to get. With all-wheel drive and a high seat, you’ll see and feel the road like in no other SUV you’ve tried in the past. It’s one of the most powerful crossover SUVs I’ve ever used on a personal level.