Ram Rebelling

Ok, maybe that’s an overstatement, but the Dodge Ram will be getting a dose of rebellion this coming new model year as the company will be delivering a new Ram 1500 Rebel, and we for one can not wait to get our hands on one of these bad boys and open it up.

2019 Ram Rebel

There’s been a huge pent up demand for something that will let truck enthusiasts really be able to get down in the mud with a truck and the 2019 Ram Rebel looks to be able to deliver on that, in spades. The new tough look and feel for the 2019 redesign aptly fits with the new grittier positioning the company is chasing after and the best part is that it also offers a hint of refinement so you can go mudding all day and still have be your ride on a Friday night. The new 1500 off road package will be looking to include a new transfer case, electronic locking rear differential, front suspension skid plates, a one inch suspension boost and a controlled descent application to make the transitions smoother.

Ram Rebel Interior

The company is slating the new Rebel to come with the standard offerings when it comes to engine type and you’ll see the the 4 Wheel & 2 Wheel drive versions as well a 4 Wheel drive high and low options. Ram also said that the new 2019 Rebel will be available with the 5.7 litre Hemi V8 that will produce about 410 pounds per square foot of torque. They’ve also noted that the later in the model year they will be coming out with an optional eTorque hybrid version, that Parent company Fiat Chrysler has been working on for some time, that will come with 48 volts and be able to deliver 305 horses with a 3.6 litre engine. What may not make Ram lovers too happy will be the sticker shock that they can expect to feel when they look at a starting price point of about $ 45,000 for the crew cabbed rear drive V6 and can step up to the four wheel drive quad cab, with a bigger bed, for just under $47k and could also move into the four wheel drive crew cab with a shorter bed for just over $ 50,000. And if you wanted to trick it out even more, you would have no issue sailing by the $60k mark once you get all the toys you need.