Porsche Slots Tycan in the Middle

Looks like the biggest unknown about the new all electric is no longer a secret as the company has announced that it will be slotting in thee Tycan between the Panamara and the Cayanne.

There is still a wide amount of speculation around exactly where  the price will land the smart money can expect the new all electric Tycan to probably be coming in at around the $ 90,000 US dollar mark. This puts the new Tycan in the upper range of its current gas engine stable mates the Panamera and the Cayanne and this is one of the world’s most anticipated all electric vehicle introductions.

So what can you expect with the new Tycan, well first off you should be able to hit sixty miles per hour in about three and half seconds, which is very very slightly behind the highest line of the Tesla’s Model S.  The company also claims that you should be seeing over two hundred and fifty miles of range with the Tycan without needing a charge and this is all happening with the super impressive 800 volt engine, which based on current market specs is about two times more than anything else on the market.  The other beauty part, if you believe the public relations spin, is that you’ll be able to charge the Tycan to about eighty percent in fifteen minutes.But we wouldn’t get too excited about being able to get into this model at that entry level as we know, Porsche is notorious for upping the add ons and one could expect the final bill to be coming closer to the $150k USD range when you add on the necessary bells and whistles.  And this would put this in line with the highest end Tesla Model S

The base price would be competitive with the Tesla Model S, but Tesla’s flagship sedan tops off at $150,000 when fully equipped.