Oklahoma Looking To Ding Electric Car Owners

The state of Oklahoma wants to levy an incremental fee on electric car owners that would help the state balance their budget. But, as you can imagine, this is being met with a ton of pushback from vehicle owners. The tax would enforce a $100 electric vehicle tax, and also owners would have to pay a $30 registration fee that gas and diesel engines do not have to pay. Even if you don’t like electric vehicles, you have to admit this is a pretty naked cash grab by the state government with little justification.

The Sierra Club environmental foundation is taking up the legal challenge to the tax. They claim that the state did not follow proper procedures when it tried to enact the tax and is taking this challenge to the courts.  The Club claims that this tax and the subsequent fees were set arbitrarily with no regard for the benefits of electric cars. Frankly, most other states are looking to provide incentives to buyers and users of electric and low-emissions vehicles.

The state is in, well, quite a state, as it tries to make up an approximately $875 million dollar shortfall in its budget. If that’s the case, we have to ask, does Oklahoma really have enough electric cars to make this worth all the trouble? The obvious answer is no since there are only about 28,000 electric, hybrid and low-emission vehicles in the Oklahoma and this tax won’t even put a dent in the government’s one billion dollar problem.