Nissan’s Big Electric Bet

Nissan announced that its betting big on electric vehicles and is planning on developing eight new electric vehicle models and wants to see sales of these electrified vehicles surpass one million a year before 2022.

The leader in the field of electric cars, which boasts sales of its electric Leaf model of over 300 thousand since launching in 2010, does not plan on giving up its leadership position easily and is looking to invest heavily in not only electrified vehicles, but also autonomous driving vehicles as well. In the same announcement the company said its planning on launching over 20 models of autonomous driving cars by 2022 and it wants these autonomous vehicles to be in more than 20 markets by that same time period.

Nissan Atima 2.5 SR

Not only is the company looking to grow its electric and autonomous vehicle fleet, the Nissan Motor Company is also looking to grow its revenue to over $200 billion within six years, which is up from its 2017 total of over $150 billion. The company plans on achieving this by focusing on three main themes over the next six years which include; connectivity, autonomous vehicles and electrification. Nissan is also counting on its new e-Power system, which is a range-enhancer hybrid system that has been very well received in Japan and will look to extend it into a number of other markets globally.

2017 Nissan GT-R

The company also said that it will be launching new Infinity models that will be 100% electric for the first time by 2021 and wants to see over fifty percent of the nameplate’s sale to be electric by 2025. The company sees big opportunities for its electric fleet in the European market, with the massive diesel issues that are currently consuming the continent, and the burgeoning Japanese market that seem to have an insatiable appetite for everything electric these days. The company foresees slower adoption of electric vehicles in the Unites States and Chinese markets, with the former looking to account for 20% of electric sales and latter is forecasted as contributing about 30% to the overall sales total.