Nissan Plans Global Sales for American-Made Titan

The Nissan Titan has not been the sales leader that Nissan hoped for when they released their full-sized champion in 2016. Engineered for the U.S. market and built in Mississippi, the Titan was Nissan’s best shot at attracting pickup buyers from traditional options offered by the Detroit Three. Unsurprisingly, U.S. automakers dominate the pickup segment, and Nissan struggled to make 35,500 sales so far this year. However, Nissan now hopes that the full-sized truck will appeal more to buyers around the world. The automaker plans to broaden their sales channels for trucks and vans as part of the company’s focus on global sales

Full-size pickups might be especially popular in the United States, but they are a growing global market that U.S. automakers shouldn’t forget. Nissan has pitched the Titan as a new member of the Renault-Nissan Light Commercial Vehicles unit. In addition to the bedazzled version originally intended to lure buyers from the nearest Ford dealership, Nissan wants to sell the large truck to commercial users in China, Australia, and the Middle East in competition with Toyota.

The Titan would offer increased size and performance for commercial operators ready to step up from the mid-sized Nissan Navara. Based on the company’s global pickup platform, the Navara is smaller than the Nissan Frontier offered in the U.S. Nissan just launched sales of the Navara in China, and a rebadged version for Renault is also expected to arrive in other global markets soon. Renault-Nissan also bought a controlling stake in Mitsubishi and now have access to the smaller automaker’s Thailand-built Triton pickup. Mitsubishi offers the alliance a suite of small vehicles that are popular in emerging markets in Southeast Asia. This completes an impressive lineup ranging from the full-sized Titan to the light-duty Triton in addition to other commercials vans and delivery vehicles.

Whether or not the Titan can defeat the Detroit Three might now be beside the point—this pickup truck is leading a global charge into new markets. Ford, GM, and Ram might want to take notice—there’s a whole world of truck buyers out there.