New Trans Am SE Bandit Edition Signed By Burt Reynolds

The new Bandit Trans Am finally has been introduced with a video of Burt Reynolds revealed the luxurious design of the car. If you already have seen the video, then it is started with a full close up of new Bandit design from top to bottom and from right to the left. You can see the fabulous logo and there are words ‘Bandit Edition’ right on the body of the new car.

New Trans Am Bandit Edition

What’s makes it more surprising is the fact that suddenly, Burt Reynolds appear, watching the design of the car with a satisfying look that can be seen in his eyes. And maybe you do not know yet since you maybe to focus on the awesome car and miss the announcement when watching the video then we gladly tell you that, all the 77 examples of the car has been signed up by the Bandit himself, Burt Reynolds! Yes, of course, this will improve the value of the car; we mean who does not want to have a car that signed up by the actor of the Smokey and Bandit himself. If you love the car then you should love the car as well.

Okay now back to the topic of the new Bandit Trans Am specifications. So far there is no more detailed information regarding the full specifications of Bandit. This classic car, as we already knew, it is one of the most popular cars way back in 70s thanks to the movie that made it famous. And just like Reynolds said in the Trans Am video, the new car is hot in every way. They make it with more modern design, but the classic appearance still on there and in fact it brings more elegant look.

The Engine

Pontiac has been stopped its production in 2002 of Trans Am after making it from 1969. And after that, Trans Am Depot Company which licensed the name as well as the logo from General Motors wants to rebuild the car with Firebird Trans Am that offered with limited Bandit edition and the outcome is pretty awesome! It seems that the car is equipped with a supercharged engine which can make up to 840 horsepower and of course such news is not the only info that can make you excited to wait for the car because in addition of that, the car is also supported by more than 230 new parts. All these info has been shared by Trans Am Worldwide itself and so we can imagine what an amazing car this vehicle will be.

More details about the engine which claimed can bring the car to run up to 840 hp, it is said that the engine is supercharged 7.4 L General Motors V8 with some makeover comes from its tuned suspension.

The Exterior and Interior Design

Now next about the appearance, everything in the Trans Am is look so great from the Bandit logo, quad square headlights, massive rear spoiler, signature split grille, and the ground effects. Furthermore, there are snowflake wheels which make it more hawt than ever and with the way the manufacturer designed the car with gold and black paint job, T-Tops, the bird on the car hood (it is a screaming chicken!), all these details make the car appears brilliant!

How about the interior design? If you have seen the video then you must already know that the manufacturer covered the car with high materials. Everything inside the car is perfect, the interior dressed with custom leather trim, not to mention there is a set of gauges with a retro look. To make it more dauntless, there is a Bandit logo: some profile of a man wearing a cowboy hat plus a bandana over his face. Totally looks such a bandit! Wants more? There is a Bart Reynolds signature right on the dashboard with matching gold color.

The Prices

It is not surprising that with all the new Trans Am specifications, the money which you need to spend to get this limited edition car starts from $70,000 only for the base model while you need to prepare more budgets up to $115,000 for higher levels. If you want to get this car, of course you need to quickly pre-order it because there are only 77 cars are made (well, since it is a limited car).


It seems Trans Am Worldwide seriously done a great job by transform the fifth generation of Chevrolet Camaros into modern styling Pontiac Trans Am. And if you want to know more about the new Bandit Trans Am then you can check Trans Am Depot official YouTube site. On the video, you can watch Bart Reynolds first introduction of the car as well as people who work behind it. Read the comments leave by the auto lovers and you can see they love it and of course us too! Are you ready for the new Bandit?