New Tesla Open for Business

Even though people still can’t get their hands on the Tesla they ordered while ago, the company announced that it will start taking orders for it medium range battery version of the Tesla Model 3 and will clock in at around $45 thousand USD.

The new Tesla will be able to go up to about two hundred and sixty miles per charge and at the forty five thousand dollar price point it would make this version about $4,000 dollars cheaper that the four door model that went up for purchase last year.

But anyone who wants to get a model that goes for longer ranges you’ll have to pay a bit more for the four door model that gets you further, company notes that it can hit over three hundred miles per charge and will apparently get you to sixty mile an hour faster that any of the other electric vehicle on the market.  The company also said that it would be discontinuing it lower priced model that comes with the rear wheel drive.

Anyone who is looking to get into a new Tesla and who is looking to take advantage of the federal and state incentives better start moving fast as these types of rebates will be getting pulled by government agencies shortly and may be the reason for the company’s push to get more people to put money down.  The amount of the tax credit that you can max out at is about $7,500, but the looming deadline of December 31 will make some fence sitters nervous and will prompt a bit more action.  The way it currently works is that the incentive itself will drop by half for a period of six months and then halfed again for the following six months.

So if your thinking about making that someone special really happy for the holidays, you’d better jump on it now before the prices start going up even more.