New RAV4 Powers Up

The best selling non-pick up vehicle in America is getting ready for a battle royal against a slew of new small crossover offerings and plans on making sure the new RAV4 powers up to take on all comers in what will be a very interesting category slug fest.

2019 RAV4

The RAV4, which is now entering its fifth generation, looks to get a full makeover in the 2019 edition of the hugely popular original crossover. The Toyota Motor Company unveiled its newly made over RAV4 at the 2018 New York Auto Show and plans on giving it more of a lot of things like more power, more off road capabilities, more fuel economy, more safety and more piece and quiet. So what else is new, well is looks like the company is opting for a wider and lower version and is making the wheelbase longer but its also scaling back on the rear and front to make it way more off road friendly. The new model will have a hybrid option to go along with its standard 2.5 litre, four cylinder eight speed automatic engine and will also offer a dynamic torque all wheel drive with rear driveline disconnect system which will allow for a more optimized distribution of engine torque to the back wheels and will offer better fuel economy when no in the all wheel drive mode. Its also looking to make the RAV4 a bit tougher looking by offering packages that will have newer roof rails, for lights and slightly different styling that will make more outdoorsey.

2019 RAV4 Rugged Edition

On the inside though, you can expect some usual creature comforts like the hands free wifi access to Alexa, Apple Car Play, a touch screen that will be in the seven inch range and up to 5 USB ports and an optional Qi wireless charging system and the JBL speaker system. The company is also taking safety seriously by adding auto emergency braking, forward collision warning systems, lane weaving and lane staying heads up as well as pedestrian detection software. What won’t come standard is the rear traffic alert and braking system along with the blind spot review system, but will all be offered as an add on. Overall the company played it fairly safe and why wouldn’t they, when you have such a good thing why mess with it.