New Porsche 2019 Panamera GTS is Wow Worthy

So we are finally getting the next generation of the wildly successful Panamera model with the new Porsche 2019 Panamera GTS and we have to say that its pretty wow worthy.

The one thing you notice right away on both the Panamera GTS and GTS sport is the pure dense look and really feel of these beautiful beasts that boast a seventy six point three inches wide.  And this size leads to these babies coming in at around forty seven hundred pounds and is moved by a twin turbo four point zero V8 engine.  If you are a torque fan you’ll see between four hundred and fifty seven and five hundred and sixty seven pounds per square foot with horses in the four hundred and fifty three to five hundred and fifty range.

The transmission will come in a bit lighter with an automatic eight speed dual clutch that delivers a seamless experience.  This great gearing system will let these bad boys see sixty from zero in just about three seconds and will let you top out at around one hundred and eighty miles an hour

What we’re also seeing is that the ride is a bit firmer with the traditional Porsche Active Suspension Management which comes with the electronically adjustable damper systems that will shrink and rise around a half an inch depending on the handling.  As an upgrade you can get yourself into the PDCC package, or known better as the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control, that will get you nice and tight anti roll bars that are driven by a forty eight volt active and it will come with the branded Torque Vectoring system and all of this will probably cost you around five grand.

You can expect the standard twenty inch black wheels with the all season tires and can come with an optional real axle power steering system.  The overall results are that the new 2019 Porsche Panamera GTS is a sweet ride and the best four door ride there is out there.  All this fun will cost you around a cool $130k at the entry level and could grow as high as $160k with a bunch of bells and whistles.