New Dodge Barracuda Coming Soon?

After a dealership event by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was held in Las Vegas several months ago (last year to be exact), there is a rumor following the event that a new Barracuda is coming soon. The Barracuda will be offered under Dodge umbrella with convertible design and for Plymouth brand loyalists, of course hearing this info might disappointed you a bit since the Plymouth brand is no longer exist. However, we are still happy that the next Barracuda might be released. Better than not at all!

1970 Plymouth Cuda

So far, there is no complete information regarding full specifications of this car and thus we have limited source to share to you about what will the new Barracuda looks like. However, we believe that the convertible will absolutely amaze us once the manufacturer releasing it.

Since the dealer meeting of FCA is closed to the media, but thanks to the some leaked news, we know that the Barracuda along with the next generation of Dodge Charger (yes, the new muscle sedan that is going to be released soon as well) will be based on flexible RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) platform developed for Alfa Romeo Giulia.

We all know that for years, people have been teased with the return of the long awaited Barracuda, and since it is confirmed that Barracuda will be coming back as a convertible, of course we can’t wait for it to offer us an awesome performance. When it was showed on FCA stage, the appearance looked good and it is much lighter than the Dodge Challenger. To be precise, it has 7/8 scale in terms of size compared with the Challenger. In addition of that, the rumor still going with the fact that maybe Barracuda will not be released with muscle body in the way it is always be. With the form expected to be slightly smaller than Challenger, it is not a big deal, since Alfa itself has reputation to make nimble and lightweight cars.

Next, it is about the power-train that Barracuda will have, well, there are no confirmed sources or references regarding this matter. And so, we just guessed what kind of machine or engine that would make up for the Barracuda. But, some people believe that the car will not be powered by HEMI and instead it gets twin-turbocharged V6 in top form. Why? It is because the latest rumor said that all HEMIs along with supercharged Hellcats, by 2019 model, will all be removed from SRT products. So for the next few years, we are going to see that the HEMI will be totally killed. Whether this is true or not? We are still not sure about it.

For the conclusion, it is said that the Barracuda, as we already mentioned earlier, will be offered with convertible form as well as coupe while some people claimed they will get modern design. If you expect to get a good nostalgia with Barracuda, then you may need to prepare your heart because the new Barracuda maybe will appear with totally different look under the Dodge wings.