New 2019 BMW M2 Simply Marvelous

The new 2019 BMW M2 replacement, the 2019 BMW M2 Competition is exactly as its name suggest, competitive.  The new M2 Competition was built to address the upcoming new emission constraints and it doesn’t miss a beat.

The BMW design team, which is led by Frank van Meel, opted to go with a more powerful and bigger engine for the new M2 Competition by taking the same engine that’s in the M3, which is a beasty inline six.  While the output on the M2 Competition will be come in slightly lower than the M3, at just under four hundred horses with a torque power hitting about four hundred pounds per square foot and you should be able to red line at around one hundred and seventy four miles per hours, which will be able to get you to sixty in around four seconds. 

There’s a new front carbon fibre supported front end, that’s also borrowed from the M3 and it has a modified stability control system and a dynamic steering control system with the active M differential plus it will come with new M Sport breaks and bod new nineteen inch tires.  The exterior also gets pumped up with some new stylings that include a bigger, wider and tougher front grille that will let more air to help feed the three radiators, plus there adding a bit of bling to the color palate by blinding metallic colors in silver and sunset orange.   Inside you can expect the usual BMW minimalist M model interior finishes that include the sports sear, a push button starter and the ever usual BMW Active Driving assist and the parking helper, or Park Distance Control.

 To get into the new BMW 2019 M2 Competition, you’ll need upwards of sixty grand and you’ll also have to increase your gas budget as the new BMW 2019 M2 Competition will be sucking way more gas than the original M2, which makes us laugh a bit given that this is supposed to be the model that better for the environment!.