200,000 Miles And Counting: The 25 Most Reliable Cars Ever

Today there is no shortage of reliable vehicles. Even so, some stand out from the crowd. The following vehicles regularly reach at least 100,000 miles, easy. Some are even going to 250,000 or even 300,000 miles in the right hands. Remember that just because a vehicle is highly reliable, that doesn’t mean you can skip regular maintenance; that’s one of the things that help these vehicles endure. Each model on this list has earned its spot by proving reliability since its arrival on the market. Next time you want a used car that will last a lifetime you should definitely think about one of these 25 most reliable cars. Let’s see if your pick stacks up!

1. 1992-1995 Honda Civic

No matter the year or generation you choose, the Honda Civic deserves a spot on this list. However, our top pick (if we have to choose) are models from 1992 to 1995. Civic durability is no surprise, as Hondas are known to last a long time. Because of this, they tend to keep their resale values even with plenty of miles on the odometer. If you do a quick online search for vehicles for sale, you will have no problem finding a Civic with at least 300,000 miles and still going strong.

Compared to previous generations, the fifth-generation Civic relied on lighter materials to improve fuel economy. The cowl was also higher, improving suspension, while the ride got softer. It was a good pick for drivers at the time, and many were handed down in the same family for years. You can still pick up a used model today, and although it might feel a little dated, it will still run with the right maintenance.

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Campbell Stewart Yaw

My 2005 Audi AllRoad just past 200K and is roaring ahead as happy as can be!
Arguably the best station wagon ever made and available in the US, I plan to just keep on driving it for as long as possible!

John K

wrong pic for #3, Ford Ranger

Mealing Rev. F. Mark

Nice wheels, & I can add compliments of Mercedes-Benz 240D & Toyota Land Cruiser: but where is Rolls-Royce, the most durable of all?

David Boaz
The most durable vehicles of all time were the early Volkswagen “Beetles” A friend bought a ’51 in 1966 – it had over 120,000 miles on the clock and had been used as a chicken coop for at least 5 years. He put ½ gallon of petrol in it and it fired up first time and he didn’t sell it until the late 70’s. Lord Montagu of Beaulieu had a Rolls Royce with 80,000 miles on the clock and a “Beetle” that had been round the clock twice and he said that the “Beetle” was more reliable than the Rolls.
Jon Ard
in 1998, I bought a 1994 Nissan 240SX SE Convertible with 44, 888 miles on it … I gave it to my daughter when she graduated Navy boot camp in 2002 with 277, 864 miles on it, … all I replaced was the antenna riser and a radiator … all windows, AC, etc, worked as new … she unfortunately hydroplaned into a guard rail (no one hurt) and the car had 393, 487 miles on it and had never done anything except oil changes … I’m counting on my 2004 Nissan 350Z Touring Roadster doing as well as it will… Read more »
Robert Swartz
I owned 4 86-92 Taurus wagons with over 200,000 miles. I would have driven them over 300,000, but my wife and 4 kids kept running them into things! The 3.0 V6 just seemed to go forever without burning any oil. My first Taurus wagon was an 86 and it had transmission problems at 110,000 miles. Once it was rebuilt with the 90 and later parts it lasted well over 100,000 more miles and would have gone more had my son not destroyed it running into a utility pole. It had also survived two accidents that totaled out the other vehicle… Read more »
Robert Swartz

BTW, you have the wrong picture for the Ford Ranger.


My 2000 Plymouth Neon is at 225,000 and I would drive it on a 1000 mile trip any time.


I’ve owned 3 of the vehicles on this list…..beginning with the Buick Roadmaster….most comfortable car I ever owned….280,00 kms…..then the Cherokee (1995)…..nice suv, but not sure if it should’ve made top 20 reliabllity list(230,00 kms)……then finally E250 Ford van……I’ve owned many of these through the years(business)…and currently have a 2009……great vans

David Boaz

I started to lose interest in “the most reliable cars” when the second and third vehicles weren’t cars but when I came to the sixth and seventh, both Jeeps which have been (all models) for years appearing on lists of vehicles to avoid at all costs I stopped wasting my time. What a complete load of bollox.

Jon Michael

2006 Toyota Matrix with over 360,000kms and the car is going strong. Wish more later model Toyota’s made the list as I know people that have driven their Toyota’s over 400,000kms.

Biggest enemy was rust and neglect, I found a 04 Camry SE 3 years ago never seen salt, and never will if I have something else to drive in Ontario winters, ready to turn 90,000this month. We drove an 04 LE until last month 292000 km, tank was leaking, it was still feasible to fix but it had never had corrosion repellent and still l got a good return on it, Corrosion Free 3000 is the best and affordable protection Electronic protection is a SCAM. Never ever get it done at Crappy tire. I speak from experience, google dry oil… Read more »

Currently driving 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 with 448 000 kms on the clock, completely original drivetrain (engine and transmission) Been through rough Canadian winters, still loving life. Normal maintenance, still has original water pump, alternator and power steering pump…unreal. This machine is amazing, still sips fuel and doesn’t need an oil top up between oil changes. Just keeps wearing out tires and brakes.

Bill Copping
I own a 2002 Ford Escape! XLT , AWD, V6 automatic!! It has the Original Engine and Trans axle! It was retried from 5 Day a week Service doing a Loomis Contract from Vancouver to Seattle , 5 days a week! It has been retired and parked, except for occasional drives by me, since 2010. The odometer Reads 835,000 Km’s!! So do not let anyone tell you, that American made Products don’t last!! That is Total BS! I plan on trying to drive this little Black Escape Many More KM’s and try to put 1 Million on it! It Drives… Read more »