10 Best Midsize Sedans for 2017

Every year, car patrons are always on the lookout for the best package for the sedan, mostly because sedans have much more to offer especially in terms of utilities. This is especially true for four-door designs with the car’s front intended for power and with the back end destined for cargo.

However, there are two crisscrossing trends with sedans. The first one veers away from its customary generic form and is looking towards a style that is closer to vehicles that are traditionally expensive.

On the other hand, the second trend is ironically on the lookout for lower-priced models with full-on efficiency in terms of power, consumption, and economy. This might have to do with the impending Federal regulations on fuel efficiency.

In any case, the following are the best mid-sized sedans for this year.

1. Hyundai Sonata (MSRP: $21,750 – $34,075)

Best Midsize Sedan

First off, the Sonata earned an EPA-estimated 25/38 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway for a good fuel economy rating, and rated one of the best in its class.

Aside from its roomy rear seats, the new model has a comfortable and high quality cabin quality that complements its smooth ride.

The Sonata also provides good cargo capacity for its class even as it rates high on fuel economy.

Like some of the best in its group, the Sonata’s standard features include HD Radio, satellite radio, a 7-inch touch screen, a USB port, Android Auto and a rearview camera. This includes the requisite Bluetooth.

The Sonata comes in six models: SE, Sport, Eco, Limited, Sport 2.0T and Limited 2.0T. it had been completely redesigned from the 2015 model.

2. Chevrolet Malibu (MSRP: $21,625 – $30,920)

2016 Chevrolet Malibu

There are two runners-up in this list and the first one is Chevrolet Malibu.

Chevrolet Malibu has always been a strong contender with the class leaders, buoyed by such qualities as user-friendly infotainment system, spacious seats and a sizeable trunk space.

Part of its appeal is the intelligent use (and combination) of interior space, a strong reliability rating, plus its own family-friendly features favored by most owners.

As to power, it has the turbo-charged four-cylinder base engine. (A larger four-cylinder engine is optional.) It has a start/stop feature that shuts the engine when the car stops.

The cabin features big blind spots, and with infotainment that’s intuitive. Likewise, the rear seats are as roomy as its trunk space.

The Malibu runs on front wheels (standard) and had a production hiatus from 2010 to 2015. It is completely redesigned for 2016.

3. Mazda 6 (MSRP: $21,495 – $30,195)

2016 Mazda 6

Among the 10 midsized cars, Mazda 6 is actually 3rd on the list. it was boosted by its nimble handling, some good fuel economy, plus its use of great materials. It has a firmer ride than the others.

The car’s standard six-speed manual transmission gives the car its outstanding driving dynamics, and definitely is more fun to drive.

For those who love their car aesthetics, the Mazda had refreshed its front-end styling with a refreshed front-end styling.

Like the others, the infotainment aspect with its larger screen is a big plus. (Bluetooth is now standard.)

The 6-speed transmission (manual and automatic) elevates the car above its class, especially with its agile handling and responsive steering.

The Mazda updated its front-end style, and redesigns both on its center console and dashboard. The new system of infotainment brings its appeal to more fans, old and new.

4. Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid (MSRP: $27,770 – $27,770)

2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

There are about 4 cars with a neck and neck sharing of runners-up. The Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid likewise has a good fuel economy feature, and a simple design on its cabin control, also featuring a power-train transitions.

The power of Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid comes from a four-cylinder engine and two electric motors. Like hybrids, the transmission is seamless between the gas and the electric power. However, its brakes provide consistent pedal feel and are smooth, unlike the others.

With its low position featuring a new layout for the dashboard, gives the driver a wider road view. The seats at the front are comfortable and the rear seats have enough legroom for passengers who are taller.

5. Ford Fusion Hybrid (MSRP: $25,675 – $31,430)

2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid, on the other hand has a unique set of qualities that stand-out — upscale interiors, comfortable seats and offers a smooth transition between electric and gas power. For its size, it is actually nimble to handle.

For the money, it came out as the Best Hybrid Car for 2017.

Featuring a 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor, the car’s powertrain brings in suitable power and acceleration for its daily driving business. (It comes with a standard CVT automatic transmission.)

For picky riders, the interiors are swanky and filled in with premium materials. The models come with standard front-wheel drive although an all-wheel drive is on hand for the SE and Titanium models.

6. Honda Accord (MSRP: $22,205 – $34,680)

2016 Honda Accord

Honda Accord impresses critics with its comfortable seats, responsive CVT, and poised ride while giving a good fuel economy for its class.

It has the standard 4-cylinder engine which shows sufficient power in climbing hills and in high speed driving. (The models with optional V6 feel quicker.)

The CVT in 4-cylinder models brings out good response and some thinks it might just be one of the best CVT around.

It features a well-designed interior complemented with high-quality materials. The system for infotainment has controls and easy set-up that feels like that of a smart phone system.

7. Toyota Camry (MSRP: $23,070 – $31,370)

2016 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry had been praised for its roomy cabin, easy to use technical features and a quiet ride, though some feel that the optional V-6 and the 4-cylinder engine had been overdue for an update. (A 6-speed automatic is standard for both.)

The Camry has an interior that’s attractive featuring quality materials. The area for passengers is quiet and spacious. The rear seats have ample room for tall passengers.

The audio and climate controls feature larger buttons and adjusting while driving is a breeze. The system’s touch screen is also intuitive.

8. Toyota Camry Hybrid (MSRP: $26,790 – $30,140)

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The four-cylinder engine and the electric motor of the Camry Hybrid has plenty of power when passing others on the road or during acceleration from stop positions.

Critics feel the transition between gas and electric power is very smooth and comfortable.

(The continuously variable automatic transmission is standard.)

The cabin is spacious, with front and rear seats are comfortable even with tall passengers. Like other front-runners, the car has a user-friendly infotainment.

9. Ford Fusion (MSRP: $22,600 – $33,120)

2016 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is known for its strong turbocharged engines that make up for its agile handling.

The two optional four-cylinder engines (turbocharged) give better acceleration while maintaining fuel economy.

The Fusion’s six-speed automatic transmission gives out seamless and well-times gear changes.

The standard front wheel drive has the option of an all-wheel drive, making it an AWD sedan.

According to the EPA, the base Ford Fusion gets 22/34 miles per gallon in the city or the highway. Front wheel drive is standard on the Fusion.

Available in three models (S, SE, and Titanium), the Fusion also boasts of agile handling, with strong brakes and accurate steering.

10. Kia Optima (MSRP: $21,990 – $35,890)

2016 Kia Optima

The Kia Optima has been redesigned and now sports a spacious interior, plus a user-friendly system of infotainment.

Kia comes with a standard 4-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission. Both available are the 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder and a 2-0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder.

The Optima also boasts of spacious interior plus the cabin is roomy with an ample legroom and comfortable front seats.