Lincoln Suicide Doors Make Comeback

The Lincoln brand announced that its planning on bringing back an iconic throwback to its new Continental line by looking to have the suicide door included. The company unveiled pictures of what the new model will look like with swivel rear hinged back doors and retractable roof.

New Lincoln with Suicide doors

At this time the company isn’t publicly saying that it will happen but it looks like Automotive News got a scoop from a number of dealers who attended the 2018 NADA event in Las Vegas. This news is a bit of a curve ball from the company as it was previously thought that the Continental nameplate was going to meet an early demise based on lagging consumer interest. It was thought that the 2020 edition of the car was going to be its last, but with this news about the suicide doors coming to light the company may have some trending consumer research that we’re not aware of that would lead it to invest in a new design. Or the company could just be pulling a stunt to try and keep the brand a float for a bit longer and see if this sparks any incremental interest in the younger demo set.

1967 Lincoln Continental

Its not as if suicide doors are a new thing and the reality is that they were pretty much the norm for almost all cars leading into the second World War as all manufacturers at the time produced their own versions of the suicide doors. In fact its not even a new item for the Lincoln brand as the company had originally introduced the suicide doors on its 1961 Continental four door sedan and coupe models. They kept the look and feel of the suicide doors all the way through the 1969 model year and at which point most, if not all, suicide doors we no longer in fashion.