Lincoln Riding Luxury SUV Market

The Lincoln Motor company is feeling pretty good about itself these days and wants to ride that success to the top of the luxury SUV market with a new concept called the Aviator, which is riding the coat tails of its bigger brother the Navigator.

Aviator Concept

Lincoln’s entry into the lux truck market was not what the market was expecting as the company says that over half of its Navigator buyers we new purchasers of the Lincoln brand, which is a huge deal for the brand that’s been almost put out to pasture a few time. The Aviator is a three row mid size SUV and although was introduced as a concept, is way closer to production than most concept cars being unveiled now. The Aviator will be looked on as the star that helps put the whole MK Lincoln naming lexicon in the rear view mirror. Truth be told, the Aviator name is actually not new to the brand as it made a very short lived appearance in the late 1990’s early 2000’s and thankfully today’s version will have noting to do with it historical versions. Not surprisingly exact details on the specs for the new Aviator are a bit sketchy, but what you can be sure of is that it will in all probability come out with a twin turbo plug in hybrid, which will almost surely be powered by a 2.7 litre V6 to give it enough pizzas but still be smooth enough for the upscale markets. The company hopes that this approach will end up with consumers being ‘seduced’ to the brand versus the traditional beat down on price and features.

Aviator Interior

You can also expect the Aviator to be loaded with as much new tech as it can fit into the truck as it looks to compete with category stalwarts like Mercedes Benz, BWM and Audi, but given the limited glimpse of the Aviator, we think Lincoln is ver very serious about competing in the luxury SUV sector.