Lamborghini Dips Toes in SUV Pool

No, the last time we checked hell had not frozen over (as far as we know) but it just might be getting chillier there ’cause the Lamborghini brand just caved in and decided to did their toes into the SUV pool to try and snake some cash from luxx hungry American buyers.

The company has just introduced the new 2019 Lamborghini Urus, ya even the name makes us uncomfortable, which is their first entry into the SUV cross over market.  This vehicle is clearly aimed at the US market as the brand see the kind of results the likes of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are getting in this segment.  The Urus isn’t the first time the company tried an SUV, they launched one back in the late nineteen eighty’s, equally poorly named, called the Jalpa, but we digress.  The 2019 Urus is coming out with a V8, 4.0litre, twin turbocharged engine that will pump out 641 horse power- the super interesting part is that the engine isn’t even a Lambo original, they are using an off the shelf one from Volkswagen, which interestingly enough is also used in some Porsches and Bentleys.

When you get beyond the disappointment of the Urus not having a custom Lamborghini engine, you can expect the V8 to deliver around 627 pounds per square foot of torque that red lines around  4500 revolutions per minute, so it does give you a bit of muscle.  The all wheel drive system will give you some of the standard driving options including street, ice, off road and race modes that all work nicely with the rear wheel navigation system.

The 2019 Urus will come in with a wheel base that’s barely longer than the Q7 but overall will be about 2 inches longer than its Audi counterpart.  The interior is not really Lambo like, but its not a Chevy either, so you can take solace that you’ll have the feel of a Lamborghini when you’re in the driver’s seat and you better buckle up because getting into a new 2019 Lamborghini Urus will put you back at least $200k for the privilege of having a Lambo SUV.