Jaguar and Luxury Carmakers Betting on Electrification

Electric and self-driving vehicles are poised to be the biggest transformation in automotive history since the Ford Model T replaced horses and wagons, but they will affect different industry segments in different ways. While mass-market automakers see this as a lower-end segment buster, luxury carmakers are also paying close attention to technological developments.

It should be no real surprise that Jaguar Land Rover is getting into the electric game. The company announced that will offer all new vehicles fully electric, plug-in, hybrid, or hybrid options in 2020. The company also said that it will sell a production I-Pace SUV in the next model year. The Jaguar Land Rover I-Pace has over 25,000 orders on file already from rich buyers hungry for some of that zero-emissions action. The company also plans on following up with plug in hybrid versions of the Range Rover lineup.

The company stresses that it’s in the electric game to win and showcased its zero emission Jaguar E-TYPE Zero with an electric drivetrain. The company is not only battling its auto rivals, but also the clock as it scrambles to meet the European 2021 emissions targets, which for a company that bet big on diesel before the cheating scandal and subsequent crackdown, is no easy feat.