Is the Death of NAFTA a Good Thing

With the latest attempt by the Trump administration to try and take heat off of its continued missteps, the team announced yesterday that it had struck a deal with Mexico on a new automotive trade deal, leaving the Canadians out in the proverbial  ‘cold’ – sorry Canadian fans, could not help the pun.

The real question is did it?  Most see this as nothing more than a terrible attempt by the president of the United States at making waves in the news to try and deflect away from the real issues that he’s constantly facing at home.  Those in Washington know that the President won’t get any auto deal through congress unless the Canadians are involved and any notion otherwise is simply foolish, which fits the modus operandi of the current government.

The Canadians are taking the slow and steady approach to the whole thing and expect to be part of the final agreement when it gets to that stage and until then, they will continue to work with those who truly have influence on the initiative.  The Trump administration is also using this as an opportunity to bash the Canadians on what they deems ‘unfair’ trade practices and continue to threaten its longest standing ally with a myriad of threats on everything from cars, to lumber to dairy – a point which he, Trump, refuses to apply logic to as he rants about the unfair dairy subsidies.  The Canadians are playing this exactly as they should and will continue to let the President spout off as much as he wants without any major retort, because unlike the American leader the Canadian’s know exactly what’s needed and how to get there.