5 Best Hybrid SUVs for 2017

Hybrid SUVs bring the best from both worlds. They are powerful, large cars, but they still offer low fuel consumption. The time when they were filled with issues is long gone. New models are reliable, comfortable and cheap to run. Due to the fact they are SUV, each driver gets a high driving position, supreme ride and a lot of space inside. Of course, in order to get all of this, you are going to need the best hybrid SUV. There are plenty of cars of this kind on the market, but not all of them are the best. The best ones are on the list here.

2017 Volvo XC90 $72,800

Best hybrid SUV

Volvo XC90 is simply the best hybrid SUV. The main reason for that is excellent fuel consumption. With the electric motor, this car will achieve 53 mpge, which is more than any other hybrid SUV can offer. The performances are another great thing. This model is powered by 400HP (80HP is obtained from the electric motor) and it sends the power to all 4 wheels. Keep in mind that this only applies to T8 version. T4 and T5 are not hybrids and they have 250/316HP. Of course, they are more affordable, but their fuel economy is much lower. As the result, T8 version should be taken into consideration, simply because it is also the best version of XC90. The top speed is 138mph and the 0-60mph acceleration is done is 5.3 seconds. Transmission in question is 8 speeds automatic, but the manual shifting mode is available as well.

Inside, there is enough room for 7 people, seats are very comfortable and Volvo offers a new entertainment system called Sensus. It is especially good and we liked it a lot. Other things that should be mentioned are optional Car Play (Android Play will be available, but not yet), 8-inch screen and plenty of space in the booth. One of the more interesting systems is sunroof shade, which will automatically close itself when the temperature is too high.

2016 Lexus NX300h Hybrid $55,300

2016 Lexus NX300h Hybrid will achieve 35mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway. Compared to the Volvo, it is more affordable and according to our opinion, it looks much better. The engine that powers this model is 2.5L, producing 194HP. It is paired with the continuously variable transmission. If you choose a version with 2 wheel drive, you will get 2 electric motors. However, if you choose an all-wheel drive, you get an additional electric motor located at the back. It will be responsible for moving the rear wheels.  All versions share the same interior and exterior, which is definitely a plus side if we know that this may be the best hybrid SUV when it comes to the design.

Don’t expect some amazing racing performances. The top speed is 116mph and front wheel version is actually 0.2 seconds faster to 60mph than the all-wheel model. Still, this car is about elegance and about fuel economy. Both of these facts are at a high level. Interior is luxurious and stylish, with all the features you will ever need, standard for Lexus vehicles. There are a lot of optional extras if you are interested. You can get power-reclining seats at the back, blind-spot monitor and etc.

2017 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid $60,500

Infiniti QX60 Hybrid is a valuable choice. The main reason, why you should consider this model, rather than others made by Infinity is the size. This SUV comes with space for 7 people inside and it is perfect for larger families. The engine is 2.5L, with 4 cylinders, but you get an additional electric motor. Together, they produce 250HP, which is enough for most family people. With these specifications, it will achieve 25mpg in a city and 28mph on a highway. This is still the best hybrid SUV with these dimensions, so don’t expect some extreme fuel efficiency.

The interior is special. It means that it is one of the most luxurious ones we ever saw. You get a large display, wooden panels, and leather. Optional extras are more than just useful. With them, you will get heated steering wheel, heated seats, rain sensitive wipers and a lot of additional equipment that will transform this car into anextremely elegant beast. The exterior isn’t so special. This is a luxury car designed for families and business people, so it looks average, not aggressive. A separate advantage that must be mentioned is the continuous transmission. It is one of the smoothest we ever tested.

2017 Toyota Highlander $51,000

Toyota Highlander is one of the best and the most successful SUVs on the planet. This version is simply the best hybrid SUV in the class. The main reason for this is a unique powertrain system. It consists of V6, 3.5L engine and 3 electric motors. Together, they produce 280HP, which isn’t much, but it is enough. The power is sent to all four wheels, making this car actually capable of a certain amount off-roading. There is enough space for 8 in the standard model, but hybrid version has 1 seat less. Still, there is enough cargo space at the back. This SUV will achieve 24 mpg every single time you drive it. However, don’t forget that this is a big SUV, with plenty of equipment and rough chassis. It is also one of more affordable SUV hybrids on the market. Standard models are extremely affordable as well but stay away from the 4 cylinder version.

Braking is very good, but the body roll will occur at higher speeds. After all, this is a tall SUV. What is interesting is the choice of gearboxes. There are no manual versions available. Buyers can choose between 6 or 8 speed automatic transmissions, with manual mode (it isn’t stick shifting) or continuously variable transmission. Probably the best option will be 8 gears automatic, which is smooth and reliable. The design is a separate advantage. This SUV looks bold and far more interesting than most SUVs on the market.

2015 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid $96,800

Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid may be almost 2 years old, but it is still a Porsche. It means that besides standard features and systems, you get a sporty drive. The best part is the engine itself. It is 3.0L, a turbocharged unit that produces 416HP. The power is sent to all 4 wheels and it is improved with the adaptive suspension. All of this means that sporty ride is more than just possible. This made Cayenne S E-Hybrid one of the best sporty SUVs on the market. Therefore, this may be the best hybrid SUV for you.

The fuel economy isn’t great, but it is more than just perfect for a SUV with all this power. It will achieve 22mph when the engine and the electric motor are used. Only with an electric motor, this car can reach 20 miles. It is probably the most spectacular fact about it. Another advantage that must be mentioned is 0-60mph time. It is 5.4 seconds, simply impressive! Inside, comfortable seats, modern dashboard and a lot of systems dominate the interior. Note: This is one of rare hybrid SUVs that allows you to choose all-electric mode.