15 Best Hybrid Cars for 2017

Best hybrid cars are highly demanded by consumers these few years because hybrid cars do not only offer luxury, but also prioritize the fuel economy ratings. Usually, extended electric range is offered by plug-in hybrids before the conventional gasoline is available in our life. How to choose the best hybrid vehicles is by choosing from the practical range, affordability and fuel efficiency.

Top Recommended Hybrids Cars

1. Kia Soul EV ($37,055)

2016 Kia Soul EV

The styling of this hybrid car looks expressive and modern when it comes to the interior. Although you won’t find any upgraded Infinity audio and existence of panoramic sunroof, you will still able to feel enjoyable with the roomy cabin and supportive seats. Using an electric motor with 81 kW power, this is the one motivating the Soul EV. The horses that can be produced are 109 hp along with the torque of 210 pound-feet. While the lithium-ion battery pack offers 27 kWh to give energy. It is nicer when knowing that the room for passenger and cargo are both larger than other EVs in the market. The all-new model of the Soul EV is really well-equipped and stylishly-designed.

2. Volkswagen e-Golf ($31,490)

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

As one of the best hybrid cars, the e-Golf is comfortable with the sporty design around the interior. The spaciousness can really be felt by passengers when sitting on the front or back seats as both give ample comfort and support at the same time. The one powering this car is a permanent-magnet AC motor that comes synchronous so that the maximum of 115 horses and torque of 199 pound-feet can be developed. The overall capacity that is offered by the li-ion battery pack which is under floor to supply electric power is 24.2 kWh.

3. Tesla Model S ($79,570)

2015 Tesla Model S

The new Model S from Tesla is considered as the best hybrid car because it comes with the battery range which is from acceptable to excellent. Its styling is also sleekly-designed making this car more adorable and worth buying. The availability of the configuration for seven passengers together with plenty of cargo space can really satisfy consumers. The one used by Tesla to propel this car is water-cooled electric motors. Throughout its lineup, still the use of lithium-ion battery packs is important and to make it work well, the engine is paired to the direct-drive transmission in single speed.

4. Lexus NX Hybrid ($39,720)

2016 Lexus NX Hybrid

Once looking at this hybrid SUV, especially the interior, you may find the materials used to design the cabin feel cheap. However, it does not mean that the cabin is not comfortable at all as the supportive front seats and rear seats are all given by the Lexus. There is large room for passengers and cargo. The combination of two electric motors with four-cylinder engine and a CVT makes thus hybrid car feels different and more powerful after all. You can also feel the sharpness when it comes to its steering.

5. Porsche Cayenne Hybrid ($77,200)

2016 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

When talking about one of the best luxury hybrid cars, the one presented by Porsche is the answer. Not only handsome from the inside look due to the wood and leather materials, but the rear and front seats are all enjoyable. Besides, it will make the driver and passengers happier when finding the infotainment system is easily used. Combining an electric motor and a V6 engine, both are the ones powering the hybrid car and the engine is also mated to the automatic gearbox in eight speeds for the quicker acceleration and great power.

6. BMW i3 ($51,545)

2015 BMW i3

Included in the best hybrid cars, the i3 is designed with modern layout and simply like the exterior, it looks distinctive. Each trim offers ambience that is different one and another because there are eco-friendly, recycled, and renewable materials that are mixed to make the car more unique. The cabin itself is made unusual with the typical infotainment and climate controls’ BMW array. The power that can be produced by this car is due to the existence of electric motor in 125 kW fed by a lithium-ion battery packs that can deliver 22 kWh.

7. Lexus RX Hybrid ($52,235)

2016 Lexus RX Hybrid

This hybrid car is truly amazing because the ride is quiet which is very impressive along with the cabin that is made of premium materials. The ample leg room for the passengers who are sitting behind also gets praises. For people who sit on the front seats, they will also feel comfortable right away. For this car’s power, a V6 3.5-liter engine combined with electric motors are featured by this car together with the automatic gearbox. Its acceleration and power are great enough to consider.

8. Toyota Highlander Hybrid ($47,870)

2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

As one of the best hybrid cars, the top-notch materials seem the one that can make the Highlander Hybrid from Toyota appear luxurious. The dashboard controls are also the one that you can favor as they are user-friendly. Although there is no much space for adults’ legs in the third-row seats, but the second-row and front seats have no problem with the seats. With the use of three electric motors combined with a four-cylinder engine, the acceleration of this car ends up very awesome. The standard CVT is also available in this model with excellent mpg in its class making the users proud of having this.

9. Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid ($26,395)

2016 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

The design of this car looks very simple with the premium-class materials. Best hybrid cars from Subaru are fascinating and when looking inside, the dashboard controls are even found to be easy to use. Although the cargo space is less than the other hybrid SUVs in similar prices, the front seats along with the back seats won’t disappoint consumers with the roomy cabin. With an electric motor combined with a four-cylinder engine, this car has ample power. The handling is also very composed so the ride will be smoother.

10. Chevrolet Volt ($33,170)

2016 Chevrolet Volt

When it comes to hybrid cars with best gas mileage, the Volt from Chevy is the right car to buy because there is a 149-horse engine that is getting paired to an automatic gearbox in single speed. The gas mileage can stand at 101 mpg city and 93 mpg highway. The safety features that are inside the car are also satisfying and reliable to keep the passengers safe.

11. BMW i8 ($148,295)

Best Hybrid Cars

The i8 from BMW is one of the best hybrid cars with the cockpit that is designed in layered and multi-tiered. The recycled materials are all used by BMW, like the natural leather that is used to designed panel and upholstery surfaces. The i8 is known to be a plug-in hybrid car in which the inline three-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is mated to an electric motor together with the li-ion battery pack. Through the automatic gearbox in six speeds, the rear wheels are driven by its gas engine.

12. Nissan LEAF ($31,875)

2016 Nissan LEAF

Featuring the automatic transmission in single speed to pair with the 107-horse engine, this is one of the best hybrid cars which is highly recommended. The cabin feels quiet and comfortable and passengers would even like to enjoy the ride with the rear seats that are spaciously-designed. The ample features are also the ones that can be favored by everyone. With electric motor in 80 kW, this car is able to produce the torque of 187 pound-feet and 107 horses with acceleration taking 10.2 seconds to reach 60 mph.

13. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid ($28,370)

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

With gorgeous interior, the RAV4 Hybrid is worthy to be included in the best hybrid cars category. There are two electric motors that are combined with four-cylinder engine to power the car by getting paired to the CVT and standard all-wheel drive. When it comes to its acceleration, the performance is strong even if it is used every day. Compared to the many small SUVs in the market, the fuel economy that is brought by the RAV4 Hybrid is much better.

14. FIAT 500e ($34,490)

2016 FIAT 500e

This car is performs well with the power delivered by an 83 kW of electric motor. The horsepower that can be produced is 111 hp along with the torque of 147 pound-feet which are all developed very well. Using an automatic gearbox in single speed, the power can be sent to the front wheels successfully. The motor is powered by the lithium-ion battery pack that is designed rechargeable. By taking 8.2 seconds, the car is able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph. Besides, the car is amazing because it is pleasant to drive and simple when it comes to parking. Its distinctive style makes it different from other hybrid car’s design.

15. Chevrolet Spark EV ($27,135)

2015 Chevrolet Spark EV

Although coming in a minimalist design for the interior, it does not mean that the performance is also minimalist. The clean lines on the dashboard symbolize its fresh simplicity. Chevrolet here uses electric motor in 105 kW to power the Spark EV well so that the car can actually generate the torque of 327 pound-feet and 140 horses.