High End Ride Share Coming

As auto manufacturers scramble to get more of foot hold on the younger more affluent demographics, the are continually looking for new ways to get their attention and BMW is no stranger to this as they have announced that a high end ride sharing service is coming and they’ve targeted Nashville as its beta market.

BMW i3

The company is joining the ranks of GM and Volvo who have also recently launched their own car sharing services, with the General Motors Cadillac brand coming out with Book and the Volvo Motor company setting up its Care service.  Many auto executives see this as a necessity to make an impression on the key affluent demographic whose tastes are continually influenced more and more by the tech giants like Google, Apple and Uber.  What many of the auto companies are doing is trying to capitalize on the target audience’s comfort with monthly subscriptions, think Spotify or Apple Music, and are looking to bundle a complete service package into one low monthly price that would include insurance, lease costs and maintenance.   While BMW has been silent about the details around the Nashville pilot project, rumours have surfaced that the service will be called BMW Access and supports what the company hinted at during the Detroit Auto show where the company’s head of North American said it might entertain such an idea.

Volvo S90

The benefit of such services, beyond having all the little details that usually come with car ownership, like registration, insurance, lease terms and the such, is that the consumer isn’t stuck with only one choice of vehicle as would be the case with most typical leases.  These new services allow consumers to flip in and out of whatever they like whenever they like, well for the most part, and gives these consumers a sense of freedom from what they perceive as a relationship that was always tilted towards the dealer in the past.  While specific pricing was not disclosed for the BMW Access offering, its widely know that the cost of a service such as this will be higher than what a consumer would pay for a one car lease. We’re betting that the younger generation won’t have an issue paying more for freedom.