Genesis Essentia Steal Show

The Genesis Essentia, took New York by storm and ended up stealing the show at the New York auto show. The Essentia, for those who have not had a chance to see or hear about is, is the concept car of concept cars that’s making waves and turning heads.

Genesis Essentia Butterfly Doors

The Genesis Essentia is the most daring concept cars from the Genesis brand and is sight to behold as the all electric, high performance concept cars take the game to a completely new level and as the company positions it, the Genesis Essentia will redefine ‘Athletic Elegance’. The Essentia comes with a multiple motor electric power train along with a carbon fibre body that’s integral to the vehicle’s performance, which the company says can go from zero to sixty in about three seconds. The roof of the two seater is bubble shaped and is clear, think of a fighter jet cockpit, as is the hood of the car so you can peak inside and see this marvel up close and personal, which is very F1 ‘ish. To make it even more futuristic the Genesis Essentia comes with biometric facial recognition that will allow the butterfly doors to seamlessly and elegantly swig skyward and unveil a absolutely gorgeous and inviting cockpit, or you could access this dream car by scanning your fingerprints on the door itself as well. The interior is what the future of dash boards should look like with a continuous screen that reaches all the way around from the driver to the passenger side.

Essentia Interior

While the Genesis, which is owned by the Hyundai Motor Company ok Korea, team was a bit light on specifics this concept unveiling was clearly meant to let people know that it wants to play with the likes of Mercedes Benz and BMW in the exotic electric car battle, but US residents will probably have to wait a while as the Genesis brand currently only has 100 dealers nationally, compared with over 300 that most other brands have, and only sold a total 20,000 vehicles in 2017. Nonetheless, what the Genesis brand was able to accomplish in New York, is to rekindle what autoshows used to be about, the way out there dreaming that inspires our imaginations and what made us as kids want to be part of the exciting automotive industry.