Ford F 150 Diesel Muscles Way In

The 2018 Ford 150 Diesel power stroke diesel isn’t something that’s going to come quietly into the night, not when you look at its V6, 3.0Litre power stroke engine will muscle its way into your hearts and your wallet.

The engine in the 2018 Ford F-150 diesel, which was co developed between Ford and Peugeot a while ago, engine is structured with iron cast graphite block and a forges shaft that cranks with its newer turbo charge that comes now in a variable geometry that can produce about two hundred and fifty horse power, with a ten speed auto transmission and around for hundred and forty pounds of torque per square foot.  The Ford Motor Company who is touting the F-150 Diesel’s fuel economy, which is only confirmed by the company at this time, for the 3.0litre as being able to deliver thirty miles per gallon on the highway , but what they don’t tell you is that this is only for the the super cab that comes in the rear wheel drive mode.  But putting the pr spin stuff behind us, the benefit on the gas savings may be offset by the additional cost that comes with having the diesel version the price of which has been pegged at around four grand, so you better be getting that extra mpg.

Ford, America’s truck leader, introduces the new 2018 Ford F-150 – now even tougher, even smarter and even more capable than ever.

You’ll also get a few driving modes with the 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel which are normal, eco friendly, towing, and off road that will be supported with a ten speed automatic transmission.  The catch with all this is that by going with the better efficiency, you are going to have to give up some pure muscle power as this truck was really built more for the weekend get away guy than a serious work truck.  This will be great for those who need to tow some jet skis or skidoos and atvs on the weekend for some getaway fun rather that for hauling super big loads.

As for its off road capabilities, the Ford F-150 Diesel does an ok job, but  this really won’t be because of the diesel, more that the lower spectrum torque will get you where you need to get to nicely. What you will also get with this truck is a decently quiet ride that will let you enjoy your thought or some tunes without getting frustrated by the outside sounds.