Is Facebook the Only Tech Company Not Building Cars?

At the recent Frankfurt auto show, the Facebook COO took to the stage and allayed any fears that the German Auto Industry had about the social media giant jumping into the car business. Sheryl Sandberg told the German industry reps that her company has no designs on trying to compete with the established car industry player and would rather take the position of ‘learning’ from the established manufacturers.

The COO took the ‘awe shucks’ approach at the event, by telling the group that her company is pretty much like a teenager and while they want to be a 100-year company, they aren’t there yet and would benefit from learning from these brands that have been around and keep being around for over a century. She also announced that the company will be taking part in an urban mobility project with auto makers, tech startups and will help set up new educational sponsorships to help build out more digital product and development.