10 Cool Affordable Used Cars Under $25,000

Ferrari and Lamborghini make some of the coolest cars on the planet. But, as we all know, their prices are extremely high and those cars are almost impossible to own. But, do you know that cool cars don’t have to be expensive? These cars don’t have to be extremely powerful, nor the fastest on the road, they only have to be cool. This may be difficult to measure, but we gave our best. Below you will see second-hand cool cars that are more than just affordable. You will be surprised what you can buy for this amount of money.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro $25,000

2010 Chevrolet Camaro; one of the cool cars

It may sound impossible to get 2010 Chevrolet Camaro for this amount of money, but it actually is. This is one of the coolest cars ever made, and it had the main role in Transformers, so you can imagine how popular you are going to be in your group. As a car, Camaro is one of the best true, cool muscle cars. The look is tough and powerful, the sound is precious and burning rubbers is a piece of cake.

The engine that powers this beast is V8 with 400 or 425HP, depending on the version. Both of them are paired with 6 gears manual or automatic transmission. The 0-60moh time is 4.6 seconds, but the automatic versions are 0.2 seconds quicker. Only rear wheel drive is available. One, more interesting thing to know is that Camaro is very comfortable and can be used as an everyday car. It is reasonably reliable and maintenance is low. On the other hand, when you want to be in a company of cool cars, this is a model to choose. Tip: Models with manual versions are a much better choice. They are a bit more difficult to find, but they will maintain their value for a longer period of time.

2014 Ford Mustang $22,000

Ford Mustang is more affordable and you can get a newer model for the lower amount of money than you can do with Camaro, but it is slightly less cool than the first model here. This is completely subjective, but we believe that a higher number of people will prefer Camaro. Anyway, Mustang has been always one of the cool cars that had a lot of power and the looks. We actually like it, thanks to the powerful and torque –rich engine.

The best models are those from 2011. Then, Ford made some impressive engine modifications. The V6 and V8 were much better after that year, so they are the best choices. For example, the same engine, V8 is used to power the famous Mustang GT. The power can reach 326HP, which is paired with a manual transmission and rear wheel drive. Thanks to high performances, this car is suitable for drivers who like burning rubbers and racing traffic lights. Inside, you get a decent amount of luxury. Most cool sports cars don’t feature high-quality interior design, and Mustang isn’t different. You will get a lot of plastic, but it is irrelevant when you start the engine.

2010 BMW 3 Series $20,000

When it comes to the BMW 3 Series, you should know two things. These cars are superior when it comes to driving capabilities, they are reliable and they will always stay cool. If you remember, old 3 series, the E30 is still cool and it is actually used for drifting all over the world. The 2010 model is interesting as well. This is the latest 2 door 3 Series BMW ever made. After that, those models are known as the 4 Series. In most cases cool is related to rare, so you will be the owner of something that not a lot of people have.

Specifications are different and they depend on the model. However, we prefer models 325i or 330 Xdrive. The Xdrive stands for 4×4 wheel drive and these cars are phenomenal. It is actually possible to drive them on snow on the same way you drive them on dry roads! With 250HP, they are powerful and offer decent performances. The sound is an issue and they are quiet, but this can be solved with an aftermarket exhaust system. This is going to stay one of the cool cars forever!

2004 Chevrolet Corvette $22,000

Chevrolet Corvette is one of those cool cars that is difficult to find. The first thing to know is that you can choose between C6 or C5. Each model from 1997 to 2004 is a valuable choice. As you may know, the price will vary, so as the mileage. It is preferred to find C6 model, but they usually have a higher mileage. If this isn’t possible, get theC5 version. It is still a valuable choice. The design is the main reason why this car is so cool. The interior and the engine not so much. Sadly, this also means that a lot of individuals don’t like this car nor they think it is cool. We believe that it is one of the coolest Corvettes ever made.

The engine is V8, 5.7L with 19/27 mph, which isn’t a bad score, if you know that this car will produce between 360 and 405HP, depending on a year. 4 gears automatic transmission is available, so as the 6-speed manual. We honestly recommend the manual transmission, simply because it makes driving much better.

2009 Nissan 350Z Roadster $22,500

Nissan 350Z Roadster is one of cool cheap cars that isn’t well-known, but it literally has a lot to offer. The 2009 models are more expensive and they can reach $23,000, but the 2008 versions are far more affordable. They will cost you about $19,000, maybe less. Newer is slightly better, but even the older model is suitable and will put a smile on your face. The engine is 3.5L, V6 and it will deliver 305HP. Thanks to the lightweight chassis and well-balanced construction, this car is extremely fun to drive. 6 speed manual gearbox is another reason why this car is so impressive on the road.

One of the drawbacks is the 18-inch wheels. They are simply too small for this car. The only thing you can do is to replace them, as soon as possible. Then, this is going to be an even better car. Additional things you should know are superior traction control, impressive reliability and wonderful sound. Note: The 2009 model was one of the fastest cars in the class!

2015 Dodge Challenger $25,000

How is it possible to get a Dodge Challenger for this amount of money? It is very simple. This is one of the most affordable muscle/sports cars ever made. A 2015 model is just our recommendation. All models since 2009 are valuable choices, but there is something to know. The first V6 models were underpowered, so you should avoid them. All V8 models are perfectly suitable. The latest V6 models have 3.6L engine producing 305HP which is enough. They will achieve 19/30mph. The more powerful models, V8 with the6.4L engine will do 14/23mpg.

When you choose the Dodge Challenger, make sure it looks perfect and don’t expect some of the sporty performances. This car is mostly about the looks and a lot of rubber burning drives. It is one of the cool cars to take into consideration and probably one of the coolest, but a lot of people already know this. In simple words, there are plenty of models out there, which has a negative effect on the ‘‘cool’’ factor.

2008 Audi TT Quattro $24,000

Audi TT Quattro isn’t just one of the coolest cars here, it is the coolest Audi model ever made. Some say that it is the only cool car made by this manufacturer. As a machine, it is a masterpiece. The Quattro all-wheel drive is one of the best systems in the world. The engine is reliable and reasonably economical, but it isn’t very powerful. For this amount of money you can get 3.2L, V6, producing 250HP. The performances are reasonable and average, but the handling is much better than equivalent cars offer, thanks to the mentioned all-wheel drive.

Most drivers and owners have reported that brakes are some of the best you can get. The engine is much better on high RPMs, while hard acceleration has some issues. They also claim that understeering isn’t an option, so don’t expect a fun drive. With this engine, Audi TT is one of the cool cars to consider.

2014 Jeep Wrangler $23,000

Jeep Wrangler may be one of the oldest-looking cars here, but it is definitely one of the coolest. It is simply a model that cannot be affected by time. Even the 2008 models are not much more affordable than brand new ones, nor are they easier to find. We mentioned 2014 model, and it is definitely the one to consider, but all versions, since 2008 can be taken into account. In the year 2008, Jeep made huge modifications to the engine and to the chassis, so these cars became a lot better. Models before 2008 are not very good, but they are still cool cars.

The engine that powers this car is 3.6L, V6, located at the front of a car. It produces 285HP, enough for this model, but it isn’t very economical. The mpg it will do are 16/21 mpg. However, keep in mind that this is an actual off-road vehicle and not some city SUV. You can drive it anywhere you prefer, without a problem and this car will thrill you. The design is everlasting, which suggests you will be the owner of a cool car for literally the eternity.

2009 Honda S2000 $22,000

You probably have heard for Honda S2000, but you have never seen this car. It is perfectly understandable. This model has been in production between 2000 and 2009. We recommend the later models due to the fact they are more reliable and probably have a lower mileage. The car in question is a masterpiece. It is one of the most reliable cars ever developed and it offers driving capabilities that are simply outstanding. The engine is only 2.2L, but it has 240HP, at 7.600RPM. This is one of the revyiest cars on the market, even today! 0-60 mph time is only 5.4 seconds.

The most important secret is that S2000 is magnificent to drive. Brakes, handling, and even the engine are suitable for all kinds of driving desired. The transmission is 6 gears manual, which is more than just precise and desirable. The rear wheel drive will allow you sporty drives anywhere you want. The fuel consumption is 20/23 mpg, if you are interested. Don’t forget that this will stay one of the rare cool cars, so it can be a useful investment.

2015 Mini Cooper $23,000

This isn’t the most affordable, nor the most powerful car on the list, but it is one of the best-known models. All Minis are cool and all of them are treated as unique cars. Yes, there are many of them, but they are also related to fashion accessories, so new models are replaced soon. This means that older models are cool and they will stay like that. The 2015 model is more reliable, refined and elegant car, so it is highly recommended. The engine is 1.5L with 134HP and 6 speed manual transmission. It is very comfortable as well, and it is fun to drive.

But, 2013 model is a completely different beast. It is less-refined and it looks better. This is a small car that can be driven as a beast and it will probably be one of the fastest in your street, despite the fact this is a small car. The handling is immense and it will help you achieve something you saw on the TV or in the Need For Speed games. It is one of the cool cars that comes from the United Kingdom, made by the Germans (BMW).