Can Porsche Win at Electric

The Porsche dealer group in the United Sates will in all likelihood the key to making sure that Porsche can win at the electric vehicle game.

The German sports car manufacturer is looking to amp up its overall game as it relates to the electric car market, but many are concerned that the dealer groups will be the one who have to foot the bill.  The driver behind this new cost concern is that the need for new electric charging stations will be more than forty percent higher than originally estimated, which comes out to about seven hundred new station across the country.

The current corporate estimates peg the cost of each new charging station between $300 & $400 thousand dollars, not a small drop in the bucket.  The current scuttle butt from inside the German giant is that the dealers will be having to pick up the tab on about two hundred of these bad boys and when you consider that there are just under 200 dealers in the USA its probably going to cause a bit of a revolt amongst the dealer group.  

The company is facing a crux right now as it has looked into the crystal ball and has realized that the future of the gas only engine isn’t really that great and as such the company has invested, or is planning to invest, over seven billion dollars over the next 5 years to make sure that it’s not going to get completely left behind in the race to be nice to our environment.The company has publicly stated that it wants to have more than half of its overall global fleet to be electric before its self imposed deadline of 2025 and most insiders seem to think that this will be a very aggressive mandate to achieve, especially when you consider how much the corporation will be looking to lean on its dealer group.