The Best Used Ford’s on the Market

Ford is one of the world’s most trusted automobile manufacturers. In the UK, their automobiles dominate the roads and this is because the badge is synonymous with reliability, practicality and safety. This makes them a hugely popular brand with everyone from new drivers right through to large families. Their reliability, practicality and safety also mean that Ford automobiles are excellent second-hand vehicles and a smart investment for any motorist wanting to buy a car.

Here are a few of the better used Ford’s to keep a look out for:

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is the most popular car in the UK and it is easy to see why. The iconic Focus is a compact which is well suited to any type of motorists as it is such a great all-rounder. Despite the relatively small size, the Focus is roomy on the interior which makes it ideal for families living in the city getting about. In addition to this, the Focus is fantastic to drive with responsive handling, strong grip and a decent range of engines to choose from. No matter which generation you find, you can expect excellent performance and reliability from this motor.

Ford Fiesta

Ford’s other flagship model is the Fiesta, which is a supermini that the brand has manufactured globally since 1976. A risk at first to the US big car market at the time. It is now however on its eighth generation, but any generation would be a smart investment as the Fiesta is known for being very practical, affordable and cheap to run (the benefit of buying a small car). Much like the Focus, the Fiesta is also known for its brilliant driving performance which can put the fun back into driving. The very first generation back in 1976 looks very unrecognisable to the current generation model you will today however, it still maintains its core purpose from then.

Ford Kuga

Those in the market for something a bit bigger will want to look at the Ford Kuga. This athletic SUV is one of the more spacious vehicles in its class, plus it is also cheap to run and very safe (a staple of Ford). There may be more adventurous SUVs on the market, but the Kuga is a sensible option and one which ticks all of the boxes that you would require from an SUV. As such a practical and safe vehicle, it makes for an excellent used car and can be found for affordable prices when you shop at many used car places and auto supermarkets.

Other Ford vehicles include the Ford Everest, Ford Escape. Ford KA and the Ford Expedition to name some of the other lesser known Ford vehicles.

Ford is a special brand because their vehicles are so practical, reliable and safe and are the oldest car manufacturer in existence. This makes them excellent used cars, with the above three being the key ones to look out for when shopping for second-hand automobiles.