10 Best Handling SUVs

This is a list that contains 10 best handling SUVs, in case you want to get one. SUVs are not really associated with being a vehicle with good handling; after all, it is not what people seek when they are buying one, as handling is tightly associated with sport cars instead. But, in some cases, it is very important to own a highly responsive handling SUV, especially when you live in a crowded area or a neighborhood with a lot of corners. We will pick 10 of the best of them that is not only got great handling, but also offering you some other unique features as well.

Top 10 Best New SUVs with Great Handling

Infiniti QX70

Best Handling SUV

The new Infiniti QX70 has one of the best body styles of this year, this SUV looks absolutely sporty with its exterior design, and it shows. Being on this list mean this car got pretty good handling at worst. But when you stepped inside, you will see that this SUV got so many buttons available. Some of that can be activated to increase the performance of this vehicle. Unfortunately, the many available features also eats up the space, this SUV is not very good if you want to carry a lot of passengers due to its tight back seats. Not only handling, but the Infiniti QX70 also got a very powerful engine, the 3.7L V6 engine is capable of 325 horsepower and 267 pound feet of torque.

Infiniti QX50

If you like the new Infiniti QX70 but think that it’s too expensive, then you can check the Infiniti QX50. It offers different things to what the QX70 has, but in turns of handling, the QX50 got the QX70 beat. This SUV is big but got sedan-like handling, but the interior of this SUV is also something that should not be ignored. While it got small cargo space, it gives a larger space for the back seat passengers instead.

Now, as for the engine for the Infiniti QX50, it will be using the very same engine you find on the new QX70; 3.7L V6 engine, but for some reason, the engine on this SUV sounds a lot noisier than the other one.

Mazda CX9

You might not believe it due to the size; the Mazda CX9 got very good handling despite being the biggest vehicle that Mazda have ever produced; usually bigger size vehicle does not really handles well. And for being a big size SUV, it only means that this CX9 can hold a lot of people at once. Fortunately the interior cabin of this SUV is not only big and spacious but also refined and is covered with high quality material as well, so comfortability is also a high point of this SUV.

The 2.5L 4 cylinder engine that this new Mazda CX9 uses is also not bad either. It got 227 horsepower and 310 pound feet of torque, while its fuel efficiency rate is 22 mpg city and 28 mpg highway is below par.

Mazda CX5

If you want something that is cheaper than the CX9 but got the same level of handling, then you got to take a look at this Mazda CX5. The CX5 is one of the cheapest SUV around, and this SUV got great handling comparable to a sport car, it is due to its lightweight that it is able to be agile on the road. The SUV also does not look cheap on the outside, and still comfortable in the inside albeit not using top quality material for the cabin. Although it got great handling and comfortability factor, the new CX5 is not very good choice if you also prefer speed.

The Mazda CX5 got pretty lousy acceleration, as the engine used for this SUV is 2.0L 4 cylinder engine with only 155 horsepower and 150 pound feet of torque; but it got better fuel consumption rate; 26 mpg city and 35 mpg highway.

Audi Q5

This simple SUV called the Audi Q5 offers you more on comfortability and available features than its performance. And while this SUV is indeed very comfortable, never underestimate its capability to cut on tight corners easily. This heavy SUV is big, but it is surprisingly agile, which is a great combination to have. It also got a lot of features plus more optional features available, which can be seen as bad thing because some of those optional should be available on the SUV initially.

There is another reason why the Audi Q5 is priced that high, this SUV utilize a 2.0l 4 cylinder turbo engine as the source of its power, and it have 220 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque thanks to the engine.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

The standard Jeep Grand Cherokee got good handling already, but if you want the best, then you choose the SRT trim level, unfortunately, this trim level cost a lot of money. The Jeep Grand Cherokee; while being priced so expensive is not a luxury SUV, but in turns, you can bring this vehicle to go off road, and it will be able to do so with ease. The SRT trim level is probably got the best handling among the other SUVs of this year; it is all thanks to the different suspension used only for this trim level.

On the other hand, the Jeep Grand Cherokee got a pretty big engine in this 6.4L V8 engine; the engine has 475 horsepower and 470 pound feet of torque, now you know why this SUV is so expensive.

Volkswagen Tiguan

One of the cheapest SUV on this list, the Volkswagen Tiguan can ride through corners exceptionally well; although some think that the 2015 version can do it better than the new one. They change how the SUV handles a little bit; it just feels a little bit worse now, but by no means bad. This SUV still got above average handling among the other SUVs released this year; and it needs to be, seeing that this SUV also got pretty bad safety rating from the crash test.

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is equipped with a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine with 200 horsepower and 207 pound feet of torque, nothing really interesting except for the all wheel drive system that is available on some trim levels.


A new BMW vehicle in a top ten list is no surprise for anyone, but the BMW X3 is surprisingly different than many of BMW’s products. Firstly, it looks like a SUV merged with a sedan; which explains why it handles so well, then despite how it look, it actually got a pretty spacious interior. Unfortunately, although the car is priced like that, you still need to pay more money to get yourself some features that should be available initially instead. For example are the rearview camera and the start stop functions; those are optional features that you need to buy.

At least the BMW X got great engine, in which the engine is a 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo engine, this engine gave the SUV 240 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Notice the “sport” on the name, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport is different to the regular Range Rover and it’s not even one of its trim levels. It’s a completely different products, it got different available powertrains to begin with, thus enabling it to be very agile. The off road capability of this SUV is unquestionable, but what surprising is that the fact the cabin is so quiet and calm even though it utilizes a powerful V6 with superb thundering noise. The V6 engine that the Land Rover Ranger Rover Sport uses is a 3.0L supercharged engine that has 340 horsepower and 332 pound feet of torque.

Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is probably the SUV you need to get if you want the best value for your money. This new Forester is cheaper than most SUVs; it is more agile than the regular SUV. It provide space as much as the other SUVs, and it got top class safety rating compared to the other SUVs, it can also do off road with ease and comparable to the Jeep or Land Rover.

The Subaru Forester might not be very quick, as it got only 170 horsepower and 174 pound feet of torque from its 2.5L 4 cylinder engine, but the all wheel drive makes the ride far more enjoyable than most other SUVs.

As you can see, there are a lot of SUVs that can handle corners as good as sport cars. As one of the most popular types of vehicle around, you might find other products that have the same handling ability as these cars, but as far as the overall quality goes, these are the 10 best handling SUVs.