Top 10 SUVs with the Best Gas Mileage

Back in the 80s, SUVs were huge cars with even bigger fuel consumption. Nowadays, due to higher fuel prices, all manufacturers produce SUVs that have similar fuel consumption as an ordinary car or even better! This also means that you will need the best gas mileage SUV. Luckily, we found them for you. Some of them are hybrids, which means that they are economical and eco-friendly at the same time. Note: A hybrid car has a petrol and an electric motor, working together or separate.

Lexus NX (Combined MPG: 33)

2016 Lexus NX

This is the best gas mileage SUV you can possibly find on the market today. An interesting fact is that this model isn’t more expensive than bigger SUV cars. The best part is the design and the quality of the interior and the rest of the car in fact. The engine may be noisy, but changing transmission between the electric and petrol powered engine is perfect and you won’t feel a thing. In addition, this model produces 194 HP and it will achieve 34 mpg on a highway, so it has already been rated as the best gas mileage hybrid SUV.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (Combined MPG: 32)

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Toyota RAV 4 is the best hybrid and one of the best gas mileage SUV you can find it right now. Both engines will generate 194 HP, which is plenty for this, small car. It is practical, fun to drive and it has a modern interior. You will have to pay extra if you want leather seats with a better lumbar support, but in general, this AWD car is probably the best choice you can make. Note: On a highway, it will do 36 mpg!

Mazda CX-3 (Combined MPG: 31)

2016 Mazda CX-3

CX 3 is the best choice for people who are looking for an SUV that is lightweight, fun to drive and can be used in busy cities. It is also one of the most affordable cars of this type. An engine will produce 146 HP and it will transfer power to the front wheels. Keep in mind that this isn’t a big SUV car.

Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid (Combined MPG: 31)

2016 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

Subaru Crosstrek is a hybrid and it will achieve the same fuel consumption as the Mazda CX 3, but this model has all-wheel drive and it is actually capable of off-road driving. It is commonly treated as an SUV with best gas mileage and impressive off-road capabilities. Note: The engine produces 160 HP, but don’t expect sporty drive, due to a high weight.

Lexus RX Hybrid (Combined MPG: 30)

2016 Lexus RX Hybrid

This isn’t an ordinary model.  It is a luxury SUV that comes with a high price, powerful engine, but still, it is economical. Despite the fact it has a V6 and 4WD, this model will do 33 mpg on a highway and 26 in a city. For a car with 308 HP, this is an impressive score. The explanation is in the fact Lexus is one of those companies that tries to make the most luxurious and the most economical cars.

Hyundai Tucson (Combined MPG: 29)

2016 Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson has been re-designed and improved. The engine will produce 175 HP and the front wheels are responsible for movement. It is comfortable and practical and this model is chosen for the best, affordable SUV in 2017. Driving it resembles driving a sedan and minor off-road capabilities are possible. Still, the best part of this model is the fuel consumption and the fact how quiet it is. It is a completely opposite car than the previous model was!

Mazda CX-5 (Combined MPG: 29)

2016 Mazda CX-5

With the 155 HP engine and front wheel drive, CX 5 can offer interesting driving capabilities. It is made from the latest materials, so it is eco-friendly as well. An 184 HP engine is available as well, and it will reduce the fuel economy, but it will provide better acceleration. In general, this car is comfortable and can be treated as one of the best SUV cars in this segment.

Honda CR-V (Combined MPG: 28)

2016 Honda CR-V

Families who are looking for economical and a car with a huge booth will like the new CR-V.  It already has been announced as the best family SUV and it is one of the most economical cars on the market. This model has an engine with 184 HP, which will provide smooth driving even under a full load. Other facts that should be mentioned are the front wheel drive and comfortable and massive seats at the back and at the front.

BMW X-1 (Combined MPG: 26)

2016 BMW X-1

If you are looking for the economical BMW, this is your best choice. This model has a 4 cylinder engine (2.0L), producing 228 HP. X1 is much lower than most SUVs, so it offers sportier driving capabilities, but it isn’t perfect for off-roading. However, it comes with the AWD, so driving it in a bad weather or in the forests is better than driving an ordinary car. The price starts at $32,800, but it can reach $40.000! Addition: At the beginning 2017, a new version of the X1 will be available on the market. It will have front wheel drive and it will be more affordable than this model.

Mercedes-Benz GLA (Combined MPG: 25)

Best gas mileage SUV

With the 2.0 L engine and fuel consumption of 25 mpg on highway/city, GLA is one of the best choices, if you are looking for the best gas mileage SUV. The transmission has 7 speeds and it has been paired with a dual clutch system that makes shifting gears faster, but also the entire car heavier. Positive sides include great interior, modern design, and powerful engine. Downsides are, noisy cabin and visibility are poor.  This model can reach $40.000 and it is a direct rival to the aforementioned X1.