10 Best Family Cars of 2017

Family cars are probably the most needed and the most important type of cars on the planet. They are made due to a specific reason, to accommodate the entire family. We will reveal the best family cars that can make your family happy. These are also the latest models, so they bring a high level of safety, better fuel consumption and they are more advanced than older models, definitely, all a family car should have.

1. Nissan Pathfinder

2016 Nissan Pathfinder; One of the best family cars

This is simply the best family car you can buy right now. The main advantage of this model is the fact it has been developed as a family car, so it has everything an average family may need. For example, a child seat is simple to install and you will need literary 1 minute! It is available as front wheel drive car, which has a positive effect on the fuel economy, but an optional AWD is available as well. An engine is a V6, producing 260 HP, so it has plenty of power.

2. Chevrolet Tahoe

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe

The fact that this car is one of the bestselling family SUV cars tells a lot. In fact, it is more popular than most cars with 3 row seats. Even better, the new model has been redesigned, so it brings a fresh look. Pairing it with a lot of features definitely, makes this car one of the best choices. As an owner, you will get Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi and 8 inch touch screen. Pay for more and you will get heated seats, the Blue – Ray system at the back seats and wireless device charging. Note: Tahoe offers minor off-road capabilities.

3. Toyota Sienna

2016 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna is a safe choice, but only if you prefer minivans. It will provide space for 7-8 people, which means that the entire family can enjoy the comfortable drive and use an entertainment system at the back (16.4 Inch screen is standard). An engine will deliver 266 HP and it can send them in front or all wheels via 6 speed transmission. This made Sienna the only minivan that offers 4WD capability. Don’t forget that it is constantly ranked as one of the best family cars on the planet.

4. Honda Odyssey

2016 Honda Odyssey

The situation with Honda Odyssey is complicated. It is one of ‘’older’’ models here, but it brings a high level of practicality, functionality and  space. We can say that this is probably the best car for people who like transporting a huge amount of load. How great car it is, suggests the fact it comes with a built-in vacuum cleaner! This feature is known as Honda Vac and it is more than just useful, especially for families. One more advantage is the fuel economy, so it is the best family car with good gas mileage.

5. Kia Optima


Optima is one of the well-known cars, so there is no a lot to talk about. However, this model is also the most affordable of them all. The starting version will cost you $23,000, but if you want more, you can reach $33,000 figure. Even the cheapest version will offer 4.3 inch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android support and achieve 39 mpg. A 360-degree view system is available as well. It allows you to notice all items and things around a vehicle.

6. Chevrolet Impala

2016 Chevrolet Impala

The Chevrolet Impala is slightly different than other cars on the test. It is available as front wheel drive car and it’s a sedan, rather than a minivan. Still, it is practical and with the mentioned price, it is affordable. The range of engines includes 196 HP, 260 HP and 306 HP. A 260HP engine is available as petrol, or natural gas powered unit. There is no point in telling you that most gadgets and tech features are standard.

7. Chevrolet Malibu

2016 Chevrolet Malibu

This is another car that is perfect for families, due to a specific reason. It has the latest features that made it suitable for parents. A sound system won’t start until all passengers fast their seatbelt, parents can track where a car was driven and with 37 mpg it is economical. Attention: A hybrid version will be available soon and according to the manufacturer, it will achieve 48 mpg.

8. Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V

The latest answer from Japan is Honda HR-V. It is a suitable family car, due to an engine, producing 141 HP and achieving 35 mpg. It is also available with the CVT transmission (very good) and a manual 6 geared transmission. Inside, you will get the latest materials and you will feel the comfort. Honda’s vehicles are well-known for high re-sell value, so this is another reason why it is a great family car.

9. Hyundai Sonata

2016 Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata is one of the best family cars in this price range. We really like the look of it, gadgets inside and 41 mpg fuel consumption. Still, the best part of this car is the 10 year warranty on a power train. It actually makes it a safe buy and the only car in this price range offering this benefit. Standard features such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and automatic headlight control are available in the cheapest version. Safety features are included as well, so Sonata comes with pre-breaking (automatic) feature and line warning.

10. Toyota Highlander


Toyota Highlander is one of those cars that are designed for many applications. It may be used as an off-road car, a family car or as an ordinary vehicle. Range of engines includes 175 HP, 270 HP and 280 HP (a hybrid version). 2, more powerful versions can be bought as front or all-wheel drive cars. In order to understand how great this model is, you should know that it offers a 5.000 pound towing capacity and spacious for 8 people. It is definitely the most versatile cars on the market right now.


All of these cars are perfect for a family in their own way. Your task is to get the one that offers all the features and possibilities you will actually need.