The 10 Best BMW M Series Ever Built

3. 1985-1992 BMW M3

The 1985-1992 BMW M3 (E30) was an entry-level luxury car with guts. It was first introduced as a coupe, with sedan models following in 1993 The M3 was powered by BMW’s S14 4-cylinder engine and could pump out over 235 horsepower. A 6-cylinder engine was also introduced in future production models. Many people note that the E30 version of the M3 was one of the best handling and most enjoyable cars to drive.

The E30 sported some of the best precision steering of its time, comparable to top-of-the-line Mercedes. The car was able to reach top speeds of 146 mph, could hit 0–60 in 6.5 seconds, and complete 0–100 in about 20 seconds. The model was an instant commercial success with its black leather interior and appealing chassis design. Today, there are only a few thousand mint models available. The BMW M3 upheld BMW’s reputation as the ultimate maker of luxury yet race-ready vehicles. This car used is ideal racing purposes due to its compact, light design, and high revving.