Bentley Plans Styling Upgrades for EV

The head of the design team at Bentley has pretty much seen it all over his career and what he absolutely does not want to see is any more trashy designs when it comes to electric vehicles and that’s why he’s promised that the Bentley team will be looking to upgrade the look its electric vehicle fleet.

The director of design for Bentley, Stefan Sielaff, has been a very, very busy person lately with the iconic super luxx brand going through a bit of a sharpening on its design eye especially as it looks to bring to market its new line of electric vehicles, with which Sielaff is charge with making a statement for the company that’s been a bit late in getting up to speed in the electric vehicle game.  The company recently announced that it was looking to introduce its first hybrid, the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid, to the market as it also scrambles to update and set free to the market its updated Bentley Bentayga V8 and its Continental GT, which are both staple of the global elite brand.

While no exact date for when the Bentayga Hybrid will be in full production, the rumors, if true, suggest that the company may target the 2021 model year for its introduction.  You can excuse the company if it seems a bit unfocused these day, however given that the company will be celebrating its 100 year anniversary next year, we can understand why.  The Bentley Motor Company has said that the new Bentayga Hybrid will be coming in with a whole new remodelled platform that will be probably based on the Porsche E Platform, which is their electric architecture. 

With the move to electric you can expect to see some of the traditional Bentley styling cues undergo a significant change, at least if Sielaff has his way.  He describes the opportunity for people to start to fall in love again with the interior of vehicles, which he believes changes the paradigm as most people fall in love with the exterior and accept whatever they get inside.  He sees opportunity to build an interior that’s even more luxurious that what customers have been accustomed to in the past.  But fear not Bentley lovers as the design chief knows that at the end of it all, it must be, and feel, like a Bentley ought to.