20 Best All-Wheel Drive Cars for 2017

In temperate countries, AWD cars (all-wheel drives) are tops. Most consumers would want a car that has the power and the looks and yet can drive against snow and ice best. Better yet, these cars can also drive well enough on other roads at other times of the year.

On wintry roads, cars with all wheel drive are the safe choices in navigating roads made slippery and sleek with the action of snow and ice. The car engine’s power, distributed on all four tires, provides a safe traction in wintry conditions.

They are also light and compact enough which makes them good choices. There is a slight uptick in fuel use, but that is overturned with the safety quotient afforded by these cars and crossover vehicles that can go through these traction-challenged wintry roads.

Any of these 20 best all-wheel drive cars is a winning choice.

First, let’s take a look at the cars listed in the first ten. The SUVs and the crossovers are in the 2nd group (10) in this list of big and small all-wheel drive cars.

Audi A6 ($61,600)

All-Wheel Drive Cars

The Audi A6 takes you by its driving dynamics and its well-appointed interiors. From a performance point, its 3.0-liter 8-speed automatic drive delivers the goods, doing almost everything well, either in cruising highways or carving corners up.

The 3.0 has 23 more horsepower, and it showed up in the zero-to-60 mph time in 4.6 seconds. It is a good candidate as one of the fastest all wheel drive cars. The 13.3 seconds during a 105 mph run tops all the best of the other A6s before.

In the looks department, the A6 usually merits more than a second or third look at parking lots, maybe helped by the looks of its 20-inch “Black Optic” wheels. Some says it sports more of the luxury look than a sports car.

BMW 3 Series ($63,500)

2016 BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is one of the few models that successfully combine the joy of luxurious driving and the practicality of its daily use. This includes all its models – the Sedan, Touring, the Grand Turismo and the Convertible.

The 330e Sedan has the technology of the BMW eDrive. The M3 is high-performance car that can give pure driving pleasure with its 431 hp. They all have more power, efficiency and style of a sports sedan, even in its 6th generation now. The series is still impressive with its present dynamics and fuel efficiency.

BMWs are some of those all wheel drive cars with good gas mileage. They may even qualify as some of the best gas mileage cars around.

BMW 5 Series ($50,200)

2016 BMW 5 Series

It might be that the 5-series is ripe for an all-new generation. However, it is still spot on in its sport-sedan roots – classic proportion, responsive and sharp driving dynamics with just a tad of luxury added in.

Manual transmissions are now rare, but the 5-Series has plenty to offer. Most of the models in the series (except the ActiveHybrid, 535d and the xDrive) can have a manual gearbox.

BMW still continues to lead and is one performance icon in the business. The lineup is still a family of sedans, with other models that include the fours, sixes and v-8 that are all economical.

Buick Regal ($27,065)

2016 Buick Regal

The Buick Regal has all the equipment to be listed either as an all wheel drive sports car or as a luxury sedan: a turbocharged engine, high-tech safety equipment, and an advanced infotainment system.

The most athletic in the Buick family, the Regal is a sleek mid-sizer. The standard and the GS edition have single turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that can do 259 hp. Zero to sixty mph is below 7 seconds.

For safety, it sports the standard rearview camera (the GS has a front and back sensors), adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors, and lane-departure warning system.

Cadillac ATS ($62,665)

2016 Cadillac ATS

The ATS this year has a high-performance variant that is powered by a dual turbocharged V-6 with a 464 horsepower, 444 pound-feet torque, and a zero to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

There are 3 choices for main engines: a base 2.5-liter 4-cylinder model, the 2.0-liter turbocharged with 272 horsepower and a V-6 in 3.6-liter.

It has the standard airbags (8 total), and the technology includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings and a rearview camera.

Chrysler 300 ($45,065)

2016 Chrysler 300

The large Chrysler 300 is a sedan with divided attention between the mass market and the luxury markets. Big, bold and essentially American, the sedan is really geared for comfort.

The 300 has the big space for 5, and whether in front or at the rear, you are given supportive bolsters. The suspension is firmer, and the 5 models offer performance suspensions including performance tires.

The new changes in tech controls include drag-and-drop menus on the touch screen control interface. There is also the eyes-free voice control and the availability of the new safety packages.

Ford Fusion 2.0 Titanium ($35,730)

2016 Ford Fusion Titanium

The four-door, five-passenger midsized Ford Fusion 2.0 Titanium sedan comes in S, SE and Titanium models and any is a great choice. Sporting solid power, fuel-efficient turbocharged engines, the Fusion has a composed ride even during sharp handling,

Fusion Titanium has the standard 2.0-liter engine, 18-inch wheels, suspensions that are tuned for sport, keyless ignition and entry, remote start, sporty seats front and back. Also included is the Luxury Driver Assist with an automatic high-beam control, 110-volt outlet, blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning and lane –keeping assist system.

With its abilities compared to its SRP, one might classify the Fusion as one of the relatively cheap all wheel drive cars in the market today.

Infiniti Q70 ($67,050)

2016 Infiniti Q70

Coming out like a cross-trainer in luxury sedans, the Infiniti Q70 merges the contemporary and the traditional as well as the comfort-oriented and performance-focused features in a car.

Last year’s optional features are now standards: 20-inch wheels, chrome trim, lower body looks leather seats, and illuminated kick plates. It has an automatic transmission in 7 speeds with a mode for manual-shift, including paddle shifters that are optional.

The hybrid version has a combination of a rating of 350-horsepower from a 3.5-liter V6 engine and powered by lithium-ion electric motor. The hybrid has 29 mpg city and 34 mpg highway rating. The Q70 has 15/23 mpg.

Lexus GS ($84,440)

2016 Lexus GS

Lexus GS brings in the biggest news since its re-design as turbocharged a GS 200t joins the V6 powered GS 350 and 450h hybrid.

The GS is a sport sedan, unlike the other Lexus ESW sedans which is loved by comfort-seeking buyers. The new GS 200t has the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 242 horsepower and 258 pound-feet torque.

There are still the 10-way power seats, with heating and ventilation and semi-aniline leather in beautiful shades. It has 10 airbags, rearview camera, satellite radio, iPod connectivity and Bluetooth.

Mercedes Benz C-Class ($73,250)

2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

True to its reputation, the Mercedes Benz C-Class is still one of the best small luxury sedans in the market given its luxurious interior, the advance power trains, high-tech safety and driver assistance features. It is one good candidate as the best all wheel drive car.

The driving forces for being the best are still rooted in its meticulous construction and engineering, refined ride and handling, and elegant inside looks among other features.

The AWD C450 AMG has a V6 engine, 18-inch wheels, ungraded brakes and steering, adaptive suspension, sport front seat, and the AMG-themed interior. Also included are the contents of Package 1 (keyless entry and ignition, satellite radio among others).

Acura MDX ($1257,230)

2016 Acura MDX

Among today’s front-runners in the SUV market, Acura is still the safety leader and innovator in luxury. The MDX just won the 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score (New Car Program) from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

With its body structure design having a decisive part, Acura also won five stars in the side and front crash tests.

With a 290 hp 9-speed drive, the MDX is quick, quiet and with above average braking and handling capabilities. The other new feature is its ‘Idle Stop”. Like the others with automatic start and stop systems, the Acura shuts down the engine at stoplights for fuel savings.

Acura RDX ($43,520)

2016 Acura RDX

Up front, the main strong points of the Acura RDX for being a premium candidate for small crossover are its ample power, very good fuel economy, and its outstanding rear legroom features. Its competitive price is not bad either.

This year’s makeover includes a new grille, LED headlights and new taillights and an optional touch screen interface. Included in the options are the adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and intervention and a blind-spot monitoring system.

Audi Q5 ($53,300)

2016 Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is still stylish, still luxurious, still fun to drive and still a star among the many pretenders.

The interior craftsmanship, the impressive fuel economy, the quick acceleration, sporty handling and the refined driving character are still its impressive qualities. The Audi now has the standard panoramic sunroof.

The Audi’s turbocharged 4-cylinder engine (or even the diesel-powered V6, the gas-electric hybrid and others) is still a classy standout under its hood. The exterior body styling seemed timeless and has not aged at all.

BMW X1 ($34,800)

2016 BMW X1

The BMW X1 looks very much like a crossover, and it is an eye candy to many now. (The last model looked like a hatchback.)

It is taller by almost 2 inches and its turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine fits right in to its size. It makes 228 horsepower and has an 8-speed automatic transmission. The zero-to-60 mph acceleration is clocked at 6.3 seconds.

The X1 luxury package includes the leather seats and wood or aluminum trims, panoramic roof, and LED headlights.

BMW X3 ($39,945)

2016 BMW X3

The X3 mixes the utility of a crossover and the sophistication of the legendary 3-series sedans of BMW, including all the fun associated with them.

There are 3 turbocharged engines (240 hp 2-liter 4-cylinder, 300 hp 3-liter 6-cylinder, and 180 hp 2-liter diesel in 4 cylinders) with the standard 8-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel drive is standard with the 300 hp engine.

Chevrolet Traverse ($37,400)

2016 Chevrolet Traverse

The Chevrolet Traverse, a large crossover SUV, is the choice of consumers who need three rows of seating and a large cargo room.

People look at the Traverse as the blue-collar member of the GM crossover trio (that includes the Buick Enclave and the GMC Arcadia). Featuring a roomy interior and handsome styling, it sports a 3.6-liter V6 engineer with 281 horsepower.

Honda CR-V ($28,195)

2016 Honda CR-V

For consumers looking for a compact SUV, the Honda CR-V is one good bet – spacious and featured-packed cabin, ample cargo space, and having just about the right look that’s not flashy nor drab.

The new special edition has added a 17-inch alloy wheels, rear privacy glass and a security system. The SUV comes with its 2.4 liter 4-cylinder engine with 185 horsepower. The all-wheel drive is an option to the old front-wheel version.

Honda Pilot (46,570)

2016 Honda Pilot

At work with the Honda Pilot here is the Honda reliability, a roomy interior and a practical shape. With added power, additional gears, and less mass, the Pilot registers a 60mph in 6.1 seconds, with lesser fuel consumption.

A variant of Acura MDX, the Pilot is powered with a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The output is 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. The AWD system in Honda apportions the torque to all the wheels. It is said they can tow 5000 pounds of weight.

Hyundai Santa Fe ($35,045)

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe may not have the attention of the other crossover SUVs, but it has the pleasing combination of power, comfort and style. It is also cheaper than the big names.

It has classy interiors, strong V6 engine, and user-friendly technology interface. The engine offers above-average acceleration and towing capabilities. This crossover is also easier to handle down the highway.

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport ($33,000)

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

The Santa Fe Sport is hip and modern compared to its last version. It has its 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a 264 horsepower. It has a direct injection system for the engine that makes for better fuel economy and power.

The Santa Fe Sport has the usual airbags (with a driver knee airbag) and stability control. The new options are the blind-spot monitors (already a standard) and parking sensors.

All in all, the 20 Best All-Wheel Drive Cars for 2017 listed here are some of the latest and most feature-rich AWDs in the market today. Whether a sedan or an SUV, what you look for might just be in here.