Acura Not Giving Up on Sagging Sedan Market – Yet

While all of the other manufacturers are out there proclaiming that the sedan is dead and long live the crossover, the team over at Honda are not there quite yet as they Acura brand isn’t ready to give up on the sagging sedan market yet.

The team over at Honda has chosen to zig when everyone else is zagging by looking to give the RLX a fresh new style and look for 2018 in what many have called the worst segment in the car industry.  The company had chosen to showcase the new 2018 Acura RLX right before the annual Car Week that happens in Carmel California with pundits estimating that the car would be a flop, but the company is proving them all wrong as sales for the RLX have taken off this year.

Much may have to do with the new ten speed and upgraded styling along with the new grille that’s supposed to show us that this is a diamond in the rough kind of car that shares its breed lines with the updated Acura MDX and the TLX.  We also saw new rear facias, a more in your face sculpted tone along with new headlights and taillights.

The 2018 RLX comes with the V six engine and the base three point five litre which will drive out about three hundred and ten horse power and is controlled by the new ten speed auto gear box transmission while the Sport Hybrid version will pump out somewhere in the neighbourhood of three hundred and seventy seven horse power.

The big question is whether the bet that the company is placing on the sedan market will pay off in the short to mid time frame as all other major manufacturers are bail on the segment that made the auto business what it its today – especially when you see the huge percentage drops in year over year sales volumes.