10 Best 8-Passenger Vehicles for 2017

Have a big family? You will need a big car and there is no other solution. Luckily, 8-passenger vehicles of newer generation are better than ever. They are more comfortable, more practical, but still none of the driving essence hasn’t been compromised! Now we will show you which of them are the best, and why they should be in your garage.

1. Toyota Sienna ($28,000)

2016 Toyota Sienna

Sienna is the best vehicle for a family of 8 due to a simple reason. It has been designed to be a family car. It is affordable, the ride is perfect and this is the biggest minivan  on the market. All of this suggests that this car should be your next family car. An engine is 3.5 L, V6 and it will provide enough power in all conditions. Thanks to the fuel consumption than managing 21 mpg, this is one of the most economical cars of this type.

2. Honda Odyssey ($29,000)

2016 Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is another great choice. You should know that it has plenty of room, even on the third row, so adults can sit there as well. This is one of the safest cars on the road, which makes it especially good. On the other side, it has a 3.5 L engine that will provide 22 mpg. Beside the fact this is a great car for your family, it will be a perfect choice as an everyday car. Note: This model has been ranked as one of the best 8-passenger vehicles for several years.

3. Infiniti QX80 ($63,000)


Infinity QX 80 is the most comfortable car on the list. It is also one of the most powerful with the engine of 400 HP, gained from V8 with 5.6 L cubic capacity. Besides luxury and power, owners will get impressive safety features such as anti-collision system and etc. Air conditioning has 3 zones, so you can imagine how impressive this car looks inside. The design is different than most other manufacturers have to offer, so it will also look nice while you are driving it.

4. Chevrolet Suburban ($50,000)


This has to be one of the cars for 8 people that have the all. It is powered by 5.8 L that produces 388 HP and it has 8.300 lbs. of towing capacity, so you can understand how strong it is. Inside, you will get space for 9 people and even adults can use the third row. It is definitely a car for everyone. Don’t think that the fuel consumption is extremely high. Thanks to the Shut Down feature (shuts down 4 cylinders) this model will achieve 18 mpg.

5. Buick Enclave ($39,000)

2016 Buick Enclave

Buick Enclave is a luxury SUV for the price of an ordinary car. It is luxurious inside and outside, it looks modern and elegant. Even better, this model offers a lot of space inside, which made it perfectly interesting for people who will have to drive more than 5 people in their cars.  An engine will produce 288 HP and achieve 18 mpg (combined) which is perfect for a big car like this.

6. Ford Expedition ($45,300)

2016 Ford Expedition

Ford decided that the best family car should be an SUV. As the result, the Expedition has been improved and adjusted to this application. The new model offers an impressive level of space inside and it is far better than more popular 7-passenger vehicles. The best part of this model is the level of luxury and it is far more than the ordinary family car should provide. Thanks to a lot of space, it can be used for any application you have in mind. The expedition is powerful as well and with the 365 HP, V6, it offers impressive performances.

7. Kia Sedona ($26,000)

2016 Kia Sedona

It may be difficult to find an affordable car for 8 people. Luckily, Kia Sedona changed all that. This is one of the most affordable minivans on the market and it is highly rated by people who own it. Probably the best part is the engine. It is 3.3 L, V 6 with 20 mpg fuel consumption. Don’t expect the highest level of luxury and the latest gadgets inside, but in general, this is more than just an average car. In addition, it offers a lot of options, but they can significantly increase the price.

8. Toyota Highlander ($30,000)


Toyota Highlander is one of those 8-passenger vehicles that isn’t perfect in anything, but it is average in every aspect. It is powered by a 4 cylinder engine and it will achieve 22 mpg. Don’t expect to drive this SUV off-road, because it isn’t designed for that. Still, it has plenty of space inside, it looks modern and it is safe.

9. Chevrolet Traverse ($31,000)


Chevrolet Traverse is extremely versatile. It offers 5.000 lbs. of towing capacity, it has space for 8 people inside and it has a V6, 3.6L producing 288 HP, so it is economical and powerful at the same time. We also like the fact seats are fully adjustable and inside there are a lot of latest features. Each owner gets On Star system, which offers a lot navigating and safety features and it will last for 6 months. Fuel consumption is 18 mpg, so this model is more suitable for people who don’t want a massive car with a high fuel consumption.

10. GMC Acadia ($31,000)

8-Passenger Vehicles

The car in question offers the best deign on the list. It looks impressive and if you don’t pay attention to the 8 seats, you will say it is a sporty SUV. The engine is a 3.6 L V6 and it can achieve 18 mpg, which is standard for manufacturers from the United States. It is roomy inside and it can accommodate the entire family without a problem. Other things you will get are comfortable drive and revy engine. No, it isn’t extremely fast, but it is one of the great everyday cars for you and for 7 people more.


All of the cars on the list are perfect for transporting 8 people inside and all of them can be used by families. It is up to you to choose the one you will like the most and the one that will satisfy your demands.