Eight Best 8 Passenger Vans Right Now

Transporting as many passengers as possible is the main virtue of vans. There are plenty of new models on the market which claim they offer all features that the space passengers will need. However, some of them are work vans unsuccessfully converted into passenger vans! We did our research and we found 8 models which are successfully redesigned as passenger vehicles. Below you will be able to see the best 8 passenger van of the newer generation.

1. 2017 Ford Transit ($32,800)

8 passenger van

Ford Transit is one of the most desirable vans ever made! But, it is available as a commercial vehicle and as a passenger van. The version you will need is 150 Passenger Wagon. It comes in several options, including the extended chassis, which adds additional cargo space. Inside, there is space for 8 passengers, but 350 versions extend the number of seats up to 15! One of the main advantages of this model is the floor to roof height, which is impressive six feet!

Engines include an inline version with 180HP, and two V6 (275 and 310HP). All types are paired with 6-speed automatic transmission, and rear-wheel drive. The top speed, if you wonder is 97 mph. Passenger volume is 313 cubic feet.

2. 2017 Chevrolet Express ($33,200)

Chevrolet Express, 2500 LS is an option you will need. It is a massive van with plenty of space inside if you are looking for it. Although a new version was released in 2017, the design is almost unchanged. The accent was on clever transformations and on the safety features. Now, this model offers ABS, StabiliTrak, stability control, AC, airbag occupancy sensor and etc. Power windows and 16-inch wheel are standard.

Engine available is 4.8L, V8 producing 285HP. The transmission, the only one available is 6-gear automatic, which sends power to the rear wheels. The power is sufficient, but this isn’t the most economical van here. We liked it due to the simplicity and space inside.

3. 2018 Honda Odyssey ($31,000)

You may know that, Honda Odyssey has been the best 8 passenger van for families since 1999. The secret is in the smart interior features and plenty of options. In the new model, Honda implemented a smart, mid-row system, which allows you to choose between buddy, full, wide and super settings, each being suitable for a specific purpose. The system works by adding or removing a single seat and moving other two left or right.

The engine is a well-known V6, 3.5L with 280HP. Sporty drive obviously isn’t an option, but the engine offers needed torque and elasticity in drive. An interesting option is a gearbox. You can choose between 9 and 10 gear versions, both automatic with manual shifting option. The mentioned price is for an entry-level car.

4. 2017 Nissan NV Passenger ($42,000)

Nissan NV Passenger is capable of being used as a family car or a commercial passenger vehicle. It is a tough and strong vehicle designed and made to meet all of the demands you may have. The actual model is 2017 and it brought several improvements compared to the previous version. The engine is improved, and it is 5.6L, V8 with 339HP. Transmission is 7-speeds automatic with rear wheel drive.

The mentioned price is for the premium version, which brings us all the features most people need. This includes AC, radio, ABS, power windows and etc. There are more affordable trim levels, starting at $33.000. When we want to say something about the space inside, we must mention that it comes in versions for 8 or 12 passengers.

5. 2017 Ram Promaster Window Van ($34,345)

Ram Promaster Van is based on Ducato, a European model. As such, it comes with front-wheel drive, which is a more affordable alternative, but isn’t perfect when it comes to maneuverability. One of latest versions is as 8 passenger van where the main element presents large windows at the back. Inside, there is enough space for all 8 passengers and for cargo.

The engine in this van is 3.6L, V6 with 280HP. It is fuel efficient and quiet. You can expect around 13/18 mpg fuel consumption. Transmission is 6-speed automatic. Two types are available a smaller 2500 model and an extended version known as 3500.

6. 2017 Toyota Sienna ($30,700)

There is no need in mentioning that Toyota Sienna is one of the most popular people carriers ever! It is roomy and cozy inside, with safety features, large booth, and clever technologies. The latest, 2017 model features all-wheel drive, which is needed for most people. The ride is safer and beneficial in tough situations. Engine is already known, 3.6L, V6 with 296HP. More affordable version has front-wheel drive, while premium one has AWD. Transmission in both versions is 8-speed automatic.

Intercom for communication with the passengers on the third row made this car one of the best of family minivans. Blue-ray support is a modern addition as well as stability control. The fuel consumption is 18/24 mpg.

7. 2017 Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer ($36,000)

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer is all-new 8 passenger van which made a lot of positive comments over the last couple of months. It is available in several trim versions, but all of them feature tire pressure sensor, stability control, traction controls, airbags and etc. Inside, space for 8 people won’t be an issue and you will still get enough space for your belongings.

Being European-designed model, this van doesn’t come with massive engines. In a matter of fact, it comes with 2.1, inline 4 engine with less than 200HP. Front-wheel drive is standard, while the rear-wheel drive is optional. Transmission is 7-gear automatic.

8. 2017 GMC Savana ($32,000)

GMC Savana is an interesting van on the market. It comes with 4.8L, V8 engine producing 286HP. You can also choose a 6.0L version, with 330HP. In both versions, fuel economy wasn’t the priority. Still, this is a massive van which can be optimized for up to 15 passengers (different versions are available). Transmission with the first 2 versions is 6 gear automatic, but if you choose 2.8L, with 181HP, you will get 8-gear automatic gearbox.

Inside, safety is at a high level. Systems such StabiliTrak, OnStar and etc. are standards. The interior offers everything you will need, but nothing more. We liked the Tow-Haul button, which allows you to use a specific gear for a longer period of time, in order to get more torque, needed for driving uphill. Additionally, we will add Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi, and My GMC app support. In short words, this is a great commercial-passenger vehicle, which is rough and tough.


The best 8 passenger van is here and it will meet all your demands. We compared only the latest models, specifically optimized for providing great accommodations, safety, and comfort to all passengers.