25 Cars That Should Still Be Around

24. Alfa Romeo GTV/6

This Italian fastback coupe was a hit, and it would be a welcome addition to the automaker’s current lineup. While the Giulia and 4C are good models, they simply don’t compare to the GTV/6; they offer a different set of features. The GTV/6 had a 2+2 seating arrangement, de Dion suspension, and rear-mounted transaxle in a design that had been around for a bit before becoming part of this Alfa Romeo.

The 1985 version of the GTV/6, in particular, was appealing with its low base price but a long list of available features. It also allowed for quick and confident changes. The Alfa Romeo GTV/6 used a V6 powertrain that was one of its most popular features, delivering torque with the exact sounds you want. We’d love an affordable and fun sports coupe like the GTV to slot between the 4C and the Giulia.