25 Cars That Should Still Be Around

Among automotive enthusiasts, there’s an undeniable nostalgia for certain cars that we can no longer buy new. While some of those models are technically still available but in a different (and less exciting) form, others are no longer in production. Check out the 25 cars that we wish were still in production and on the road today. The list includes some of the top vehicles with heavy fan followings in the United States, exotic sports cars we still dream about, and models you might not expect!

25. Acura Integra

1997 Acura Integra GS-R.

The Acura Integra was produced between 1986 and 2001. During that time, it was among the top compact sports cars. When it came to driving dynamics, the Integra’s limited-edition Type R and the GS-R were unparalleled. The Integra Type R, in particular, was a standout vehicle with its neutral handling that was a surprise for front-wheel-drive vehicles. The 4-cylinder engine produced 195 horsepower for drivers to work with.

When Acura replaced the Integra with the RSX, enthusiasts were pacified but not happy. Despite the RSX’s sportiness, it just didn’t have the same magical feel as the Integra. The ILX compact that replaced the RSX did even worse at achieving that feeling. Hopefully, the return of the Civic Type R will encourage Acura to follow the lead with an Integra Type R.