25 Best Toyota Cars Ever Built

In the United States, Toyota is easily one of the most popular automakers. The automaker is known for delivering reliable vehicles that are made to last. If you go back through the history of Toyota, you will find dozens of amazing vehicles. After all, Toyota began in 1933 as a division of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works and Toyota Motor Co. became its own company in 1937. Here are some of the best cars Toyota produced over the years: the most reliable, most impressive, fastest, and coolest Toyota’s ever built.

1936 Toyota Standard Sedan AA

This 1936 Toyota may not be a top vehicle by today’s standards, but it earns a place on the list thanks to its incredible ingenuity and the fact that it led to every other model in the brand’s history. The Standard Sedan AA was the very first prototype Toyota for passenger cars. While it was definitely influenced by the Chrysler Airflow, it also showed off Toyota’s innovative technology and led the automaker to where it is today.

Toyota built 1,404 Standard Sedan AA models from 1936 to 1943. Unfortunately, experts believed that all of these were lost during World War II, either destroyed by accident or melted down and used for parts. In 1987, Toyota actually decided to build a replica so there would be a model on display in its museum. Amazingly enough, an AA was found in Russia two years later, meaning there is actually one of these 80-year-old vehicles around today.