2020 Toyota Supra – Super Blast From The Past!

It’s been 21 years since a new Supra has been launched in North America…time flies, right? So fast forward to 2020 and Supra is a Super blast from the past.To jog your memory here’s what the last model, launched in 1998, looked like:

And this is a peek at the exterior today…

The newly designed Supra, and the first global Toyota GAZOO racing model, boasts a front 3.0L straight-six turbo engine, producing 335 hp and 365 lb of torque: in concert with the paddle-shifting 8-speed auto transmission it can reach an acceleration of 0-60MPH in spirited 4.1 seconds. 

The combination of rear-wheel drive, 50-50 optimal weight balance and a low center of gravity is designed to deliver speed, precision and maneuverability, hugging tight corners and providing breathtaking speed on straightaways – so much so, that the top speed has been electronically limited to 155 MPH.    This superior agility and control on cornering is also attributable to the rigidity of the front and rear suspension subframe and control arm mounting points,  coupled with a variable assist and variable ratio sport-tuned electric power steering.  Of note, the rear wheels and the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires are wider than those on the front to improve grip as well. 

A standard on the new Supra is what Toyota refers to as ‘Adaptive Variable Suspension’ which operates in either Normal or Sport settings, and adjusting damping force to respond to road conditions and driver input.   Sport Mode offers track-driving capability via a reduction in the stability control functions while enhancing the throttle response, elevating the steering weight, adjusting the shift response, asserting the active differential tuning and amplifying the exhaust volume. 

The exterior definitely retained some design elements from its predecessors.  The front fascia features a prominent center grille with expansive air intakes on either side, while the rear boasts an arching integrated spoiler reminiscent of tail wing of the 4th Gen Supra Turbo.  The double-bubble roof designed, inspired by the Toyota 2000 GT, is not only great to look at, but also functions to reduce drag without sacrificing head room.   In keeping with design and function, the six-lens LED headlights combine daytime running lamps and turn signal indicators are packaged in a sleeker envelope than its predecessor and complement the new body design. In the cockpit, racing-inspired seats are designed to envelope the occupants, featuring fully-integrated head rests, combined with shoulder bolsters and are fully heated.  

Exterior paint selections include the conventional silver, black, white and dark gray, and bold shades including red, yellow, and blue shades.   The over-the-top cool shade is the matte gray, which accentuates the newly designed exterior in a dramatic fashion in a Gotham-City-like moody hue. 

An 8.8 inch touchscreen display is fitted with navigation, touch controller, wireless Apple CarPlay, Supra Connect telematics services, and wireless phone charging, and audiophiles will enjoy listening to the premium 12 speaker JBL system.

Other standard creature comforts include dual climate control, Keyless Smart Entry, auto-dimming rear view mirrors, rear camera, power folding mirrors, rain sensor wipers, leather-wrapped steering wheel and garage door opener.

Base MSRP of the 2020 Supra is estimated at USD$50,000.  Interesting fact is that the original MSRP of the 1998 Supra LB Sport Roof was USD$40,000 – remember that’s 1998 dollars, so adjusted for inflation that would be equivalent to roughly USD$60,000 today.  Now, does that make the 2020 Supra a bargain or what?