2020 Ford Bronco: Specifications, Design And A Lot More

2020 Ford Bronco

Some car manufacturers such as Fiat and Ford constantly look at the past in order to develop new models. We saw this with Fiat 500 and the previous Ford GT models. The well-known Ford GT was made according to the original, GT40 from the 60s. That car was one of the best ever made and it is responsible for amazing achievements.  In keeping with the ‘what’s old is new again’ theme, Ford announced the resurrection of the Bronco.

The new Bronco is still in development thus many specifications are still unknown, however we have put together the following summary based on the information that has been released, leaked info and a few of the latest rumours to keep you in the loop.  Before we continue forward, perhaps a little Bronco history is in order.  Flashback to 1996.

original ford bronco

The original Ford Bronco was launched back in 1966, and featured options that included a winch, auxiliary gas tank, a post-hold digger and a CB radio.  How about that for a little time perspective!  At that time it was known as MPV or a multi-purpose vehicle. This term is older than the SUV and it was used back in the 60s and 70s.

In 1978, Ford Bronco got a huge upgrade in the size. It became bigger and therefore closely related to the Ford F series. The first rivals were Jeep CJ5 and Harvester Scout, but after the upgrade, bigger rivals were treated as direct opponents. This includes Dodge Ramcharger and Chevrolet K5.

bronco 2020

After 30 years as part of the Ford line, the two-door Bronco was replaced in 1997 by the four-door Expedition.

Ford Bronco 2020 Rumours and Facts

So, why bring back the Bronco?  There are a couple of possible reasons.  First off to increase market share in the popular SUV market.  Ford announced they were eliminating all sedans and focusing on their truck and SUV lines, and electric/hybrid models.   SUV sales in the US currently represent over 50% of the total vehicles sold, thus having solid offerings in this segment is beneficial.  A second reason is to reinvigorate their SUV brand and truck line-up to increase revenues, especially after weaker preliminary Q4 results.

The SUV is a competitive category given the consumer’s appetite for vehicles in this segment.  Thus, Ford will have big shoes to fill with the existing offerings in the off-road SUV segment.  Ford has stated that “Bronco will be a no-compromise midsize 4×4 utility for thrill seekers who want to venture way beyond the city”.

Joe Hinrichs, vice-president of Ford announced that the new Ford Bronco will be a real off-road beast. It will have amazing performances and it will be a direct rival to most of the well-known cars of this type. He added that Ford is preparing a lot of ‘’new’’ features and gadgets for this model.  As part of the new features, the Bronco will be equipped with AdvanTEK gear features allowing it a higher ground clearance and therefore much better off-road capabilities.

When asked about the new Bronco during a recent interview at the Automotive News World Congress, Kumar Galhorta, Ford North America president stated, “I promise, it will not come out wimpy. It will be true to its roots.

It also sounds like Ford has bigger plans for the Bronco brand all around.  Rumours are circulating that Ford plans to market Bronco as its own brand complete with a line-up of Bronco SUVs, and the initial full-size model being the flagship vehicle.  This information seems to fall in line with the rumoured launch of a ‘Baby Bronco’, a smaller and more budget-friendly Bronco based on the Ford Escape, that appears in a leaked photo below:

Baby Bronco

The following photo, taken at a recent Ford event, appears to show the proposed Baby Bronco in the center against a backdrop of the new full-sized Bronco, illustrating the variation in body shape and size:

Baby Bronco Exterior

Ford Bronco 2020 Exterior

Well, in keeping with the limited information thus far, Ford has teased us with this photo of the 2020 Bronco exterior:

While it doesn’t blatantly show us the exterior, it does provide us with the visual of the boxy shape, somewhat like a Jeep Wrangler, and the resurgence of the notable rear spare tire mount.   From the side, it looks quite similar to the 2004 Bronco concept car:

There are several photos published related to the new Ford Bronco and all of them look amazing. The retro exterior pays homage to past Bronco models but paired with the latest technologies and improvements.  Oversize wheels with spoked accents complement the boxy exterior and dominant black front grille.  At the back, we have a traditional design paired with LED tail lights and a classic trunk door.  And of course, the rear mounted spare tire.

Rumour has it that the Bronco will come with a removable ‘Air Roof’ to allow passengers a true one-with-nature driving experience.   The design would allow for six roof panels to be manually removed and stored in the vehicle when not in use.  This would be in keeping with the similar design used in the Bronco concept as shown below:

For those wishing to beef things up, even more, Hennessey Performance has confirmed via their website, that “they will be offering a line of high-performance and extreme off-road upgrades for the 2020 Ford Bronco.  Upgrades will include high-flow air induction system, intercooler system, stainless steel exhaust, larger off-road tires and wheels, suspension kit, and so much more…stay tuned!”  Now, that sounds exciting!

Ford Bronco 2020 Interior

When it comes to the inside of a new Ford Bronco there are not a lot of known facts. We believe that it will look similar to current Ford models and don’t expect something extremely interesting. However, Ford is known for making some, small but yet original and amazing design improvements, so there will probably be an element or two inside that will impress a lot of drivers.

The interior quality is expected to be above the normal. After all, this is one of the most popular and very desirable models, so it literally should offer a lot. On the other side, we will have a durable and resistant interior. This is standard for most Ford models, designed for all kinds of purposes, such as the F150, Raptor and Ranger.

The biggest change will be the integration of the latest in smart technology which Ford has confirmed.

Under The Hood

Nothing is confirmed at this time, but we expect that Ford will ramp it up for power and torque, as in the off-road Raptor or GT, at least as an option.  If that’s the case, expect a high-output 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine, delivering over 300HP and in excess of 375 lb-ft of torque.  Given Ford’s propensity for engine downsizing, we anticipate the Bronco’s base engine will likely be the 2.3L turbo-four, which the same as the 2019 Ford Ranger.

If you know about Raptor, a race truck that shares the chassis with F150, then you will also know that Bronco may be available in a ‘’hot’’ version. We will expect a V6 twin-turbocharged version, better ground clearance and a much better sound. Raptor is capable of amazing and incredible stunts, so this version of Bronco won’t be any different.


Available transmissions are going to be 10 gears automatic, like in the 2019 F-150, and 6 gears manual, according to the latest information.  On the rumour front, however, we hear that the Bronco might get a Getrag 7-speed manual transmission.

All-wheel drive is also something that should be mentioned. We know that Ford makes some of the great 4×4 cars when they really want to, and adding the fact that the new Bronco is a highly expected car just confirms that. At the beginning, we mentioned huge wheels and tires. Pairing them with AWD will have amazing capabilities and a lot of benefits.

It was revealed in December that Ford has no plans to make a right-hand drive model, given there are no plans to export the Bronco out of the US.  This may change in the future, along with the popularity of the Bronco and demand outside of North America.

New Ford Bronco and its connection with Ford Ranger

Chances are high that a new Ford Bronco will be based on the same chassis as the new Ford Ranger.  We expect it to come with solid front and rear axles.  Believe or not, this is a good thing, because Ranger is an actual SUV. Off-road performances are not special, but the base and the construction are a great ground for building an off-roader.

Previous off-road models made by Ford were based on Edge or on Escape. These are ordinary, family cars, so their base is all except SUV-related. This is the main reasons why these models didn’t achieve some impressive results and became popular cars for off-roading.

A related advantage is knowing that the new Ford Bronco is going to be more reliable and more durable thanks to the base in mind. It may be one of the best off-road cars in 2020.

Ford Bronco: The concept

Back in 2004, Ford revealed the Bronco concept. There are not a lot of things in common with the real model that will be launched in 2020, but there are some similarities. Most of them are related to the design. The concept looked like original, classic Ford Bronco, but it was loaded with technology. Another thing we noticed are the wheels. The concept and the latest pictures of the new Ford Bronco suggest they are the same.

Some more interesting facts about the concept are related to the interior. In the concept, driver and co-driver have separate stations and at the back, there are two seats, rather than four. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a part of the real Bronco!

The engine in the concept was a small turbo diesel with only 128HP. As you may believe, it won’t be available in the official model! It is simply powerless to move a car that will have a weight of 2500-3000 pounds. As we mentioned, this car will have more powerful engines.

The concept also had LED headlights and taillights. The front part is similar almost identical to the original model, while the rear end is similar to the new Ford Bronco.

Direct rival of the new Bronco

The direct rival to the Bronco is going to be Jeep Wrangler. This car is still very popular and one of the rare models that can be used off road. It currently offers amazing capabilities and it is one of the extremely popular everlasting models.

Another rival, if we can call it like that is Ford F150 Raptor, but because they are made by the same company, Ford will probably take certain precautions in order not to reduce demand for neither of these two models.

From Europe, especially from the United Kingdom, Land Rover may be a direct rival. However, these cars are not sold in high numbers, so we honestly believe that the rivalry won’t be huge. After all, Bronco will be desirable in the United States, due to the construction and the design that is native here. Still, we may expect some rivalry from other SUV manufacturers, but they will still be less desirable and less popular

Looking forward to seeing the actual launch of the new Bronco in 2020.  We have a feeling it will be worth the wait, and that it will be one of the best-looking cars. Time will tell.

Ford Bronco 2020 Release Date and the Price

There is still no firm launch date for the new Bronco, and the latest info heard on the street is that it might be as late as 2020, coming in behind Ford’s planned launches of the new versions of the Explorer and the F-Series 150.  What we know is that it will also be designed and manufactured in Michigan, so delivery time won’t be long.

Latest estimates on the street price the new Bronco around $30,000 – $35,000 for the basic model.

Article Updated: January 29, 2019